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  • Wearily....

    Nuriko returned from yet another private training session. The limits of her mind were far more than any of the limits others could have hoped to impose upon her. Her body felt helpless and drained. She found herself musing that if the HQ were to be attacked at this very moment, she would be completely useless and helpless. The "training" would leave her with a huge hole... a vulnerability.

    She'd had run into Sierra today on her way here. Seeing her had been somewhat relieving from being alone all day. The girl was being evasive with her. Nuriko didn't want to be overbearing with her, no matter how much she could've used the company.

    Upon arriving to her room, her husband was no where to be found. She sighed. "Nothing new then..." Nuriko took a quick shower and then dressed in a heavy nightgown. She lay on the bed trying to lose herself in thought... maybe even hoping to somehow energize herself through it all somehow.

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    Kali emerges from her room, surprised to see Nuriko there. She runs and jumps on the bed. Nuriko's eyes widen in surprise but her eye lids quickly grow heavy again. Kali curls up near Nuriko and goes to sleep.


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      Nuriko woke up to find Kali next to her. She smiled. She got up and got dressed and then sat next to Kali.

      The little girl opened her eyes slightly before she stretched and yawned. She sat up.

      "Are you hungry? Want to get something to eat? I know I'm always hungry after I sleep."


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        Kali didn't talk much, if at all. She grabbed Nuriko by the sleeve of her jacket and dragged her to her room. Kali opened the closet door and hidden in a sheet on the floor had been a sabre that Nuriko had made for Sierra, very similiar to lightsai that she would craft.

        "What are you doing with that?" Nuriko was about to pick it off the floor when she noticed it looked very different from the finished product. The curved, fork-like structures had doubled. There were now four on the weapon. "Did..."

        Kali looked up at her mother.

        "Did you do that?"

        Kali beamed.

        "How did you do that?" Nuriko reached for the sai. She picked it up, but her finger slipped on a curious red button.


        "@#%$!" Nuriko fell back. She opened her eyes. All she could see was white. She could still feel the sabre in her hand.

        Kali sat down and pouted, waiting for Nuriko's vision to come back.