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    Sierra was sprawled out on the couch and dared to cast a glance at the mess on the table. Metal parts were spread all over the place stringed together with circuitry. There was no order to how things were arranged except for the reddish yellow crystals. They were neatly arranged on top of white cloth which were resting at the length of the table.

    "I forgot how long this took."

    She mumbled under her breath since the first sabre she constructed was when she was eleven.

    After a healthy yawn, Sierra rubbed her face and sat up to return constructing the outer case of her sabre.

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    " ... "

    -- Passing in front of her Master's daughter's room, Eve stopped. She looked at her broken visor and let out a small sigh. Maybe she was wrong about the fight. Maybe the Princess really did want to be friends. Insecurity always filled her. She stood up from her motorcycle and knocked lightly on Sierra's door. --

    "Princess, open up."


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      There was a knock at the door and Sierra frowned. She knew something was said but it was muffled from being behind the door.

      "Guess it's going to take even longer." <img src= ALT="">

      Setting down the half completed case, Sierra made her way to the door and pressed a panel on the side. It slid opened and to her surprise she saw Eve. Considering what happened in the Training Grounds, this came as quite a shock.

      She blinked.



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        -- Eve gave a light smile to Sierra. She looked at her and tilted her head slightly. --

        "Just .. I don't believe we've properly presented ourselves."

        -- Eve held out her hand towards Sierra. --

        "My name's Eve Siren, your father's 'only' apprentice for now. Nice to meet you."


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          :: turns the corner and stops as she sees a disciple standing a short distance away. she inclines her head in curiosity and watches ::


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            Sierra narrowed her eyes and stared at the offered hand. First Eve pretty much told her off in the training grounds and now she was here introducing herself. Way too weird and she was too tired to question it.

            She took Eve's hand in her own.

            "Mine's Sierra Sha, but you already knew that."

            A smile came across her lips but her eyes darted left. There was a presence that was familiar to her. Her thoughts strayed and wondered what she wanted.


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              Your not doing a very good good job of staying out of my Affairs Sorsha.

              :: A Familar voice comes from behind Her. ::


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                -- Eve turned around, standing next to Sierra and stared at the woman staring at them. Sorsha ... Her Master mentionned that woman before. She cracked her fingers, her friendly look turning into a more hateful one. --

                " ... "


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                  :: Rama noted Eve and wanted to avoid a conflict ::

                  Eve.......Go in with Sierra and Shut the door. I'll be there shortly.


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                    -- Eve looked at Sierra, not wanting to execute her Master's orders, she hesitated. --

                    "But .."


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                      Just trust me Eve.


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                        -- Eve looked down, she turned to Sierra and sighs. --

                        "Let's go in, Princess."


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                          OOC: Was hoping Sorsha would have had a chance to respond without moving it further along <img src= ALT="">

                          IC: Sierra sighs as well but ignores what Eve said. She crosses her arms and leans on the side of the door.

                          "There's nothing you have to say to her that you can't say in front of me."


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                            Nuriko approached the room. She felt slightly uneasy for some reason; she could sense something wrong as easily as she could smell blood. She held the hand of young Kali and looked down at her. "Keep close..." Kali nodded at her mother, as if knowing what she meant.

                            They continued towards Sierra's quarters in time to see Sierra and Eve at the doorway. Nuriko bit her lip. Little to either one's knowledge, she had seen some of <a href=>what had occured</a> over at the training ground on her way from one of her daily simulations in her private self-training quarters. She wondered how the relationship between them would progress. She had sensed her husband, who wasn't quite in her view... then she sensed another. Nuriko questioned whether she should get involved in this. She decided to not interfere for the moment. She had come here with a purpose all its own.

                            Nuriko approached Sierra, hearing what Rama had ordered her and Eve to do. She looked towards Sierra. "It's not that I would make you do something you don't want to do through I'm sure your father only has the best intentions in mind. However, I have--" She looked down at Kali. "WE have something we would like to show you. If we could come in?"

                            [c]<img SRC=>[/c]


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                              Actually Sierra.........I have already said what I have to say. If you wish to stay and speak with her, that is your right. I just wanted to make it clear that if she wishes me to stay outta of her life, then she will stay outta of mine.

                              :: Rama moves away and towards Sierra's room, towards his wife. He turns to Nuri ::

                              Im actually rather intresting in what you have to show to Sierra myself.