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  • *Limps in...*

    *The Sith Knight limped in, favoring his left leg, to the medical department. He had just returned from his fight with the Jedi Knight Nichos Marr. Snack had lost that battle... badly, but it served to build his hatred for the Jedi which he was once a part of.

    He could feel the Sith Magic which his master, Darth Ogre had used on him begin to wear off. The posion from his body was gone now, but his other injuries and wounds were beginning to show through once again. He winced as one of the medics came to him.*

    "Can we help you?"

    *Snack did not say a word. Instead, he threw his cloak on the ground beside his feet and took off his black shirt. His torso was filled with long teeth and claw marks from the Krak'jya mainly, reddening as he stood. The puncture wounds from the ral's began to open up once more on both his shoulders. The long slice from the ral's posionous tail could be seen on the Knight's right side. Three imprints which were now beginning to bleed again were from the piercing of sharp pebbles. The punctures from when the pack of Krak'jya took ahold of his neck began to bleed once more. There were more of the same along his legs and on his arm from the mauling they gave him.

    Slowly, Snack blinked then bent down, grabing at his left pant leg and ripping it off.*

    Me leg is broken. I am broken, punctured and bleeding. I have lost enough blood to save the lives of at least three huge guys already. I don't want to lose anymore.

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    *His consious self finally awoken, allowing him to touch into the Force once again. He found it cold and forboding. He was still sleeping, but could feel around himself... the medics in the room... the fluid he was in.

    Snack had blacked out after he finished explaining to the medics what his injuries were. They had put him in a bacta tank to save his life, now... it was healing his body. How many more days? the Sith thought to himself. The answer was obvious, at least two or three days for his wounds.

    Two more days left...

    And with that, the Knight drifted away once more. In two days time, he would be out.*


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      *A light shone, blinding Snack's focusing eyes. They grew accustomed to the pitch black of his slumber which he just awoke from.

      With his vision coming back into focus, he could see the blue-green liquid which swirled around him. His rest was now done, he figured. his entire body, save his neck and leg was now entirely healed. The two days were up and he pushed himself out of the tank.

      He dressed up in a new set of black clothing, much like his older set. He favored his left leg as he slipped his pants on. As soon as he finished, one of the medical droids rolled over to where Snack stood. It was carying a pack of white bandages with and a bottle of crystal blue liquid solution.*

      "You leg bone, although now mended back together, is still weak and brital. If you will roll up your pant leg above your knee, I will apply a bandage to it. Once I coat the bandages with this solution, it will form a flexible cast around your leg. It will be as hard as the hardest metal known, yet allow you to move freely at your will."


      *Sitting down, Snack did as he was told, rolling up his left pant leg. The driod went to work, wrapping up the leg in the white cloth like material. Making sure it was pinned together, the droid then opened up the bottle, and began to rub the solution over the bandages. Snack could feel the cast begin to take form and harden.*

      "Have a nice day, sir."

      *Smirking as the droid rolled away, Snack stood. He walked out of the medical bay, heading for his own quarters... still with a slight limp.*


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        *Keying his door open, Darth Snack walked in, limping less than what before. The darkness of the Force swirled around him, still aiding him in recuperating his lost stamina and strength from the fight. He fell backwards landing with a bounce on his soft mattress. He began to speak to himself as he stared blankly at the ceiling.*

        I used just about all of my tricks... most of my skills. Yet I was still defeated easily. How?

        *In the past, Snack had always worried about his failures, asking why he lost, how it could have happened, what he should have done to win. He dwelled on the past too much and he knew that was one of his weaknesses.

        Thinking back on the fight, he knew that failure was something to hold on to tighter than a victory. For when you fail, you learn from that experience and it makes you that much stronger and wiser. The battle with Jedi Knight Nichos Marr replayed over and over in the Sith's mind. What was the moment which caused me to lose... in which part did I lose my train of thought... my focus.?

        And then it hit Snack. Sure, he was outnumbered by the animals Nichos called upon to do his dirty work... Hell, if Nichos left those animals out of the fight, Snack would have had the upper hand. But that was not his downfall.

        In the Sith Knight's mind, he transported back to where the fight had taken place. The crisp clean air filling his lungs, the sunrise just off in the horizon... Snack himself. It was all there. But everything was peaceful. No signs showed of a fight that had just taken place. No.. this was before the fight.

        Snack snapped back to reality. Sitting up, his eyes caught the 'severed head in the jar' resting on his desk. A reminder of the slaying of the Lightside within him. The first steps in his growing knowledge and power.*

        I was overconfident in my own power... and underestimated my adversary.

        *When Ogre saved Snack and preformed the Magic which "healed" his injuries, Snack asked his master something. "Teach me how to use my hatred to further my fighting skills."*

        Tomorrow, my training will continue.

        *As he said that, he leaned back onto his bed, and quickly fell asleep.*