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  • the forging

    ::tempist enters his room with a large anvil, a hammer, and many rocks. in his other arm he has a bucket or moarter and an iron grating. he looks at the far corner, by the basin of water. "thats where it will be built...." he thought, as he started placing stones in the corner, to build a forge. the stones were arranged in a large half circle. he slaped moarter into the gaps, making it into a solidstructure for him to craft blades upon. he put the grating on top, letting it dry and solidify. after that was done he put the anvil in the empty space next to it, and left to find ore and coals::

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    ::several hours later he returned with a large melting pot filled with coals, and a large gathering of iron ore. he started to lay the coals into the pit, and put the ore into the pot for now. he still had alot ahead of him.... but this was suitable for now, he could make small things here, daggers and such. he walked back to his bag, and started to take out a few items.....::
    "etching knife..... file..... sharpening stone..... oil..... hmm......."
    ::tempist started to trail off with his mutterings, as thoughts gathered in his head of his future here. thoughts of his past spiraled into it as well, creating the bitter realization that now vengance is all he has left. nearly everyone he had ever cared about died centuries ago.... so many people gone, so much life wasted through actions druing his own.... tempist gazed off into space while tryin to gather his mind, unaware of his surrondings::


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      ::he awoke from his day dream and began to smelt the metal from the rock. reaching into the latest hours of the night, he worked on things, closed off to the world. the only audiable noises were the clang of hammer to metal and the ocasional curse. after many days he finaly emerged from his room, with a sack in his hand. he looked back into his former room, now his forge one more time, making sure he didnt forget anything. tempist ran back in to grab one more item, a large sward. it was sheathed, so that all that was seen was the handle. it was brass with a stone inlay, what appeared to be a large saphire with two, smaller, amethists. he walked out of his forge, locking the door as he left with his creations::