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::Works on a new weapon in his room.:: (RPG Open)

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  • ::Works on a new weapon in his room.:: (RPG Open)

    ::Back from his mission on Yavin 4, Chaos sits down at his work table. Slowly, he had turned his room into what looked like a lab. He placed a disk in his comp. Old Sith writing appears on his screen. It was all the info he had collected fromt he Sith temples he came too. He knew most of the steps on making Sith Tailsmens were gone. He had to improvice. Many Force users can control their Light Sabers witht he Force. That is because they bath the things in the Force when they make them. It becomes one with the Force in many ways. Chaos new the gems he collected were the same as the ones to make tailsmen. He had to find a way to harness the power without all the Sith spells. Robotics would fill the gab. Chaos knew it would. He just had to find a way. If it could be done with Light Sabers, it could be done now. The Force would help him. He sat down among his items. He let the Force flow through him. He preformed the rites to turn the gem in front of him to a Force Amplifing tailsmen. He just didn't have the spell to harness the power and use it. It was like having a speeder with no keys. It had to be rigged and hotwired to work. He placed the gem in a holding area in a metal frame. He had to think of how to make this work.::

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    * is walking down the hall, and notices a familar scent. Follows it to a door, recognising her nephew, and something else. Something that smelled, evil. Her eyes began to water and she sneezed. Must be using that "force" all these people are so into....she thought, taking a kleenex from her pocket. She was growing used to the smell of it since being here, but her nephews' was overkill. She knocked on the door. *


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      ::Chaos kept working. He connected wires to mechinical parts and welded this piece and that. He fliped down and eyes piece over his right eye. He was getting there slowly. He just had to find a way to control the gem. Some way to cut it on and off. A way to control it's power with a small CPU-like device. He stoped at once when he heard the knock on the door. It broke him out of his trance. Damn who ever was there. He looked at a figure int he shadows. It was the size of a medium car. It was almost hairless and tan. It looked like a mosterous hound, and that is just what it was. His Hell Hound Greel.::

      "Greel, get the door. See who it is. If they are important let them in. If not......get rid of them."

      ::Greel got up and stretched. He walked over to the door and opened it by pressing a button with his nose. AT the door was Chaos's aunt. Greel stepped aside to let here in. Chaos smiled a little. His long lost aunt. The last of his family. She was the one to tell him the news of his mother. He kept the dagger in his boot, and had another plan for the necklace. The whip was on the wall. What could she want? A Sayin indeed. Chaos knew little of his motehrs race. They must be warriors of some kind. Sad though, if they right themselves. What could she want?::

      "Hello aunt. What brings you here?"


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        * Smiles slightly, a bit nastily at him, her fangs showing. *

        I was just wonder what the devil you are doing.........It stinks to high heaven in here!

        * walks past the hound, barely noticing him, and looks down at what he's doing. She hadn't talked much to this nephew of hers, who seemed to be about the same age as she was. She knew that Dae hadn't told him much of their family history, because she herself had barely known anything. Tana was the keeper of that information. *

        Using that force thing are you? Trying to make that gem do some wonderous thing?


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          ::Chaos looked at his aunt. He threw her one of his shirts.::

          "Put that on. Aunt, Tell me about my family....."


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            * tosses the shirt back to him *
            Don't disrespect your elders, Chaos. I come from a warm planet, and lived in the middle of a jungle. Covering up usually resulted in heat stroke.

            What would you like to know? How your Grandfather slaughtered entire villages? How my dear mother was insane? About your Uncle Ja'Aku, who was a warrior at age 5? Just make a request.....

            *sits on his bed*


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              ::His grandfather seemed like he would be worth a listen.::

              "Tell me of my grandfather. He seems like a real warrior."


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                  *begins to tell him of her father *
                  First I'll explain about our home....There are five continents on our original planet. The capital of the First continent was home to many of the most vicious Saiya-jinn clans. These clans have existed since the birth of our race. Unlike the others, these clans had order. They had joined together in an uneasy alliance, creating a vast army. The leader of this army, Lord Diablos Jinn, was set on destroying those weaker, by any means possible. He was a wonderful father, and he wanted the best for his children. He taught us how to get what we wanted through violence. He had a little game we would play.....we would go into a village, and he would let us pick out who should die, and who shouldn't.....:evil:
                  Anyone who got in our way was dealt with...He would go out on raids, killing whatever got in his way.
                  Basically, he was a cold blooded pyscho, but that seems to run in our family......


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                    :: Walks into his partners room and slips into the comfy seat infront of the comp and starts working on it...giveing a quick nod to his partner chaos::

                    " Choas mah man i am a genuis,i have that tracking system yoiu wanted on this computer done"" he said looking at the woman



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                      *winks at him*

                      * gets up *

                      Seems you two have much to discuss, so I'll be leaving.....


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                        ::Chaos nods at his aunt.::

                        "Thanks, Sieken. This will speed up the progress. Wait till you see what I am doin'"

                        ::Chaos looks at his aunt.::

                        "Sorry if this stuff bores you Aunt."


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                          Us saiya-jinns aren't big on technology.....we like violence, and not much else.
                          I hope you're successful with whatever you're doing.
                          * leaves the room*


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                            looks at her butt as it leaves the room::

                            " hmm...nice err..more ways than one"....

                            " anyway chaos what have ya go tot show me?"


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                              Yurza walks in the room as Chaos's aunt leaves and he shakes his head as he follow's Sieken's gaze. He then walks over to Chaos's deck and throws down a few of the stones he had gotten from the temple.

                              "Think these can be of any use to us?"