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Aunty tell me a Story.....

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  • Aunty tell me a Story.....

    about my mommy. I know so little about her.

    ::Chaos waits on his bed in his room. He waits for an anwser.::

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    What about her would you like to know? I'll tell you all I can.


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      Anything, Her favorite clothing. Color. Food. I don't know anything. Tell me of her childhood. What was she like as a child? Do you see any of her in me? Would she be proud of what I have become?


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        Her favorite color was red. She always wore leather. She like Saiya-jinn rice desert. As a child, at least when I knew her, she was adventurous, very determined to get her own way. She was always playing with our brother, Ky, they were very close. I only knew her for a short time as a child.......I see a bit of Jinn in you, and I do believe she would be very proud of you. Altho, she wouldn't be to happy about those garou tattoos. I'm sure she would prefer you to have the dragon of our clan.......but it doesn't matter. You were her child, and she loved you.


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          My Garou tattoos show what Clan I am in. And what Clan my father was in. He was a Child of Gaia. I am a Glass Walker. I may get a dragon Tattoo on my back. I need a picture of it.


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            *pulls a small drawing out of her pocket*

            <img src=>

            I'd show you mine, but it really isn't in a place an aunt should be flashing to her nephew.