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Running through the halls of Sith Empire HQ...

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  • Running through the halls of Sith Empire HQ...

    she quickly hurries to Lynch's quarters, having immediately left <a href=>the council room</a>. The most obvious and silliest place to look? Maybe and maybe not. Whether he was there or not, the search would be quickened just by going there....

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    As she makes her way through the hallway she finds the passage blocked by a very familiar and very large associate of a long time. He holds his axe in one hand and another is gripping what looks to be he saber, but it is buried into the wall at his side, a brace to keep him from simply being pushed aside via strength or the Force.

    The green Sith speaks with a grin on his face, knowing full well what Nuri’s current predicament is.

    “I have a riddle for you, and then you may pass. Answer quickly and be on your way, answer wrong and be hindered in your progress on this task so urgent.”

    His grin becomes more devious and evil and he proceeds to pose the riddle, much like a troll guarding his bridge.

    “One thin, one bold,
    one sick, one cold.
    The earth we span,
    to prey upon man”


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      "The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse: Famine, War, Pestilence, and Death."


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        He steps to the side and allows her to pass to the next of her trials, pointing the way down the corridor with his axe.


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          She gives Ogre a respectful nod and continues to head towards her destination. Pity that other Lynch had been a clone... impossible to grasp direction, current scent, or force pressence from him.

          Lynch was exceptionally good at masking his pressence. The feel of being in the room he slept in would aid her a great deal...


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            *only a few days new to the HQ, she had learned it's layout quickly... Nuriko was nearing a bend in the hallway when LV stepped out into full view from behind it, raising her hand, sending a small and compressed, yet powerful, ball of Force Destruction at her... it slammed into her full force, sending her skidding quite a ways back the way she'd come*

            *to say the least, LV wasn't sudtle when it didn't suit her*

            *she lowered her hand slowly, and unsheathed her six inch claws, smiling at Nuriko*

            My, my, my... but aren't we in a big hurry.


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              Nuriko skidded back, flipping over and onto her feet. She looked a distance off to see Lady Vader. "Greetings, milady..."

              Nuriko pulled out her red light sai and activated it. With a soft click and hiss, a red hue appeared. Nuriko pressed the specialized emitter on the sai. The red "blade" curled and distorted into a whip. Nuriko brought the whip forward and up.

              Lady Vader watched as a piece of the ceiling caved down, scattering dust and debris. Nuriko ran forward towards her. Lady Vader prepared to fight. "...and good day." Nuriko deactivated her sai, quickly flipped onto her hands and threw her body upwards in the hole in the ceiling and into the next level.

              Lady Vader heard the quick footsteps running over her head and past, accelerated with force speed.


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                Foot steps upon the floor echoed, a squadron of the newest guard in The Sith Empire marched about on their patrol. They had been sent word that if Council member Nuriko was seen she was to be treated as a foe as part of a test. They didnt understand the order, but the troops carried them out.

                Each carried a power rifle blaster, knives upon their belts and boots. Each also wielded a spear, pike or sword. Their bodies were larger than the average human and could easily prove a match for many. Comining around a corner they saw Nuriko racing towards them.

                The commander of the squad of Massassi did not speak, instead he signaled them silently. Three of the Massassi dropped down on their knees aiming their rifle blasters, four more stood behind them ready to fire as well. Then with the word the Squadron let loose a volley of laser blast towards the council member.


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                  Nuriko jumped up above the blasts, pushed her feet off of the ceiling and used her lightwhip to tear through the floor. The Massassi watched her go down the hole to the previous level. Nuriko crouched down on the level before them and used the force against the ceiling above her.

                  The Massassi felt the floor beneath them moving and tearing away.

                  She shoved her hand upwards, slamming them into the ceiling above them. "And again!!" She slammed them into it again, then dodged and let them fall back down to her current level. Nuriko jumped on top of one of them and back onto the level she was running on.

                  Only two levels more to go. She gasped for a breath. Lady Vader's attack had burned her more than she had realized. Nuriko pressed on.


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                    Bricks and stone lay littered around the Massassi squad, they still breathed although slightly wounded. One of the Massassi slammed his fist into one brick breaking it in two, the huge red skinned Massassi felt a growl ringing up in its throat. It was angry, did that Sith think she would make mockerys out if its designated squadron?!

                    It would not allow it.

                    Shaking off some debris upon its back the Massassi looked upward to the hole in the above ceiling and lept up. Its hands grasped ahold of the ruined floor as the Massassis mucles bulged while it pulled itself up to the same floor as the would be Sith master. Unslinging its rifle blast from its back and holding upon a pike the Massassi gave chase.

                    Sighting the Sith the Massassi pulled the trigger upon the rifle blaster sending a dozen shots towards Nuriko.


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                      *LV watched Nuriko disapear through the hole she'd made... ingenious... but, no sooner had she disapeared, then a volley of blaster fire could be heard and Nuriko reapeared*

                      *LV was unfurling her own electro-whip to releave Nuriko of her weapon, when the other Sith woman began to pound the ceiling, causing a cave-in of several Massassi warriors*

                      *LV jumped back out of the way and watched as Nuriko scampered and jumped back up to the level she had disapeared to previously*

                      *she made a move to pursue at the same moment one of the massive warriors made his way to the upper floor... LV leapt into the same corridor where the Massassi stood, and watched as Nuriko disapeared down the hallway... she felt the pain eminating from the woman, and knew her destructive ball of flame had caused her damage... this could possibly slow her*

                      *thinking quickly, she replaced her whip at her belt and used the same trick Nuriko had... though she used it to her advantage... igniting her double bladed lightsaber, she unhooked both sabers to create two seperate ones, and flung them to the ceiling, using the force to cut a small hole big enough to let her through... finishing, she recalled the sabers and reattached them, placing the deactivated weapon back at her belt... she leapt through the hole with the aid of the Force... this would successfully place her on the floor above Nuriko before she reached it*

                      *she moved quietly to sit and wait for the Sith woman to appear, masking her presence... another attack like her first and it woud certainly slow the Sith down... though this time, she would use something she had learned by watching Anbira*


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                        Nuriko rounded the bend as blaster shots tore through the wall. She continued sprinting down the hall, realizing she wouldn't make it to the other bend before those... "things" came back and fired upon her again. She saw an open door, a chamber occupied by one the members of the Empire. She darted in and shut the door.

                        The Massassi made it the hallway she had just fled from, seeing only some open and closed doors, but no prey.


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                          He was chasing a fallen Goddess.

                          That was what he had been told, no.3403 did not understand how one of those he had been told to be praised and worshipped had now become prey. But then it was not his mission to question why, only to obey the other God who had given his orders, this was his punishment for being flawed. He was one of the many subraces of the beings known as Stenrikk, a portion of The Sith Empires new Invid defense unit. He was cursed with having this thing called individuility as the Gods had condemned him with, his last chance at honor was to die in battle defeating this fallen God, although he had no idea how to kill a God. Surely this Goddess could destroy him with a thought.

                          Wearing bio armor that covered various parts of his body, he wielded a high energy plasma hand cannon as his main weapon, a knife was his only other accessory.

                          He knew various Gods were challenging or delaying the fallen one for reasons of their own, guards such as the Massassi had been ordered to track her down as well. Now him.

                          Now he searched room from room, his blue eyes scanning the interiors as he looked in his holy quest. Yes he would find her and dispense holy judgement upon her as was the will of the Gods! As the God Lynch had told her to do. Still he feared running into these other Gods and Goddesses, they might not welcome a lower being such as him in their presence. The quest was all, it was his sole purpose in life.


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                            OOC: Aww, our very own Slug Defense Force Guess we'd best just be glad the Jedi's don't have any VAF's (well, they do have One Alpha, but like he could do anything to a shock trooper )


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                              Nuriko looked around in the room she was in. "Comfy." She jumped on the bed and pulled out her sai. She activated it and began cutting a hole (OOC: Looney Tunes style!) into the ceiling above, being as careful and quiet as possible. She removed a portion of it and lifted herself up onto the next level. One more to go... if she hadn't lost track already.