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    ::tempist walked into his room, looking around for materals. he had forgotten somthing very important.... after finding enough iron, he put it into the melting pot so it would be usable. he then closed the door to the room, so no one could see into the forge. there was the near constant hammering and gringind, interuped by breif moments of silence from when he rested. after a few hours, the door to his forge burst open, letting out the smoke that was building in the room. after the vapors cleared, tempist sat down with his new creation, a knife. it was nothing too out of the ordinary, only about a foot in lenth total. it was dull for now, but when he was ready it would be like a razor's edge. its handle was wodden, with a leather wrap around it for comfort. he took out his small engraving knife, and began to draw. it was not the usial spiraling patterns, like most of his blades, but an image of a girl. the maiden of silence. after a half hour passed, he finished the engraving, and began to sharpen it. at first he used a file, grinding an edge onto it. then he took out a stone, and began to hone the blade to an extreme sharpness. he took out a small peice of paper, and gently pressed the blade into it. it left a slash in the paper, showing that it was now sharp enough. with that, he placed the blade on the table in the side of the room, and began to fashon a sheath for it. soon after, he sheathed the new blade, and set out to find a friend of his....::

    ::after a few minites of wandering, he found eve siren's quaters. he knocked on the door, wondering if she was home::

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    Hearing knocking at her door, she stood up and opened slightly. Eve smiled as she saw Tempist and opened the door fully.

    "Dear Tempist ... What brings you here ?"


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      ::he gave a small smile as he saw her::
      "i forgot to thank you for bringing me to the medbay after the fight. after i finished building my forge, i started making weapons and things again. then i remembered what you did, and decided to make this as a token of my gratitude"
      ::he took out the knife he had fashoned earlier and handed it to her::


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        Eve looked at the knife and smiled widely. She grabbed the knife gently and stared at it for a long moment. Maiden of Silence ... She loved it.

        "Oh, Tempist, you didn't have to .."


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          "dont worry, its the least i could do. i have to go, a friend of mine asked me to do some research on a planet, so i dont have much time. i just wanted to give that to you before i left. goodbye"

          ::he turns, and begins to walk away::