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    :: the room was quite barren that she was in, considering her and Sorsha had just returned to the Empire after leaving Vjun and the Dark Jedi. So now instead of being bored in Bast Keep, she was bored at the Empire.

    She slumped down on the table and stared straight ahead at nothing ::

    "Endo? This sucks!"

    :: ever since the death of Sanis' girlfriend, Sorsha had been quite overprotective of her health. No leaving the room and no going anywhere without her. She hated being caged up ::

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    :: He had been here before, but coming inside the actual living area of the HQ was not something he had done before, this was his first visit back here. It figures that it would be him moving Tirsa and Sorsha’s belongings in here and not just a social call, but at least everything was unloaded from the Chimera now.

    It was a little surprising that they were welcome here after their most recent visit, but he set aside the thought, thinking that Trace was probably the reason so much attention was drawn to them. The pale man seemed just a little off balance and insane, but then to him, most of the Sith and Dark Jedi he had met seemed that way.

    He took a seat on a metal crate he had just finished bringing in and looked over at Tirsa as she lounged about, answering her in the only language he could speak and understand. ::

    Best to do as Sorsha says.

    :: He half grins and brings a finger across his throat. ::

    Or you could end up cut off, in more way than one.


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      :: she couldn't see what Endo was doing since he was behind her but Tirsa caught the meaning well enough ::

      "Yeah, yeah, yeah."

      :: slowly she sat upright and turned her head sideways to grin at Endo ::

      "But since when do I listen to Sorsha?"


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        Enjoy sleeping in the little house with Dale’s wolf, when she catches you.

        :: he said to her, sticking his tongue out in a mocking fashion. ::

        I like avoiding doing things she doesn’t want me to. I figure I’ll live longer that way.


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          "Bah ... you have no faith in me."

          :: turns around completely in the chair with a grin ::

          "She'd have to catch me first."


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            :: the door slides open and Sorsha enters ::

            "How would you like to get out for a bit?"


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              :: He watched to see how Tirsa would react to Sorsha’s suggestion, somewhat surprised by what he heard. ::


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                :: she cringed hearing Sorsha's voice and looked at Endo, noticing that he was amused by this whole thing. At least it seemed that Sorsha didn't hear what she was saying before ... hopefully.

                Tirsa moved her head back to where she was looking at Sorsha upside down from her chair ::

                "Out is very good."


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                  "Saves me the trouble of chasing you, my sweet."


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                    "Wha? Chase me?"

                    :: looks hurt ::

                    "Where would I go? You told me to stay here."

                    :: tries to keep a straight face ::


                    :: fails ::


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                      :: They were speaking basic now and he had no idea what was really happening, nothing new. ::


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                        "I'm going on a small journey. Would you like to come with me?"


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                          :: her eyes lit up and she sat up straight ::

                          "Yes! Anything is better then here."

                          :: quickly Tirsa got up and moved over to Sorsha all excited ::

                          "Where we going?"


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                            "Nal Hutta."


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                              :: blinked ::

                              "You want me to hurt you ... don't you?"