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An Evening Such as This

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  • An Evening Such as This

    After another of several training exercise, for both himself and his newest disciple, Ogre is walking the halls of HQ, on his way to the room he and his wife occupy. Bruises and even dried blood litter his body from the sessions but his stride is strong and confident as he navigates the underground passageways.

    Before he turns the corner at a junction of four corridors, a tingling in his mind tells him what he will find, coming from another of the halls after leaving <a href=>Rama’s</a>. His wife Dalethria is also making her way to their room and judging from the cloudy thoughts in her head, she is slightly inebriated from the consumption of alcohol.

    Before they even see each other, he communicates to her through their shared link. ”Been keeping busy and enjoying yourself Gem?”

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    Dalethria was only really half paying attention to where she was going. It was only instinct that led her walking do the correct corridors that would find her to the room she shared with her husband. Her mind was also thinking about her discussion with Hex at Rama's because of that strange human that was being chased.

    Yet, the alcohol was winning. Dalethria started drinking again because ... she frown and stopped, placing a hand on the wall.

    When the hell did I start drinking again?

    Then she smiled, putting her back to the wall as Ogre's thoughts came into her mind. Who me? Enjoying myself? I am just a bit tipsy from drinking ... at the bar. nothing too crazy ... Yeah ... whoa ...

    She blinked and realized that the room wasn't centered anymore. It really was a long time since she drank and her body was protesting.


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      Her mental and physical condition was very obvious to him as she leaned against the wall and responded to his question. He moved in front of her with a smile on his face, placing each of his hands on the wall on either side of her. He considered asking her if she required assistance in getting back to the room, but figured such a question would not have a good result, her pride and confidence too powerful for her agree that she needed it.

      Making that determination quickly, Ogre answered her. You have every right to indulge however and whenever you see fit, Gem.” Not giving her any time to respond, he lowered one hand and scooped her up into his arms, turning as he carried her to their room.


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        "HEY!" :mad:

        She didn't mean for it to come out in a spoken word but she was not only caught off guard, but angry. Ogre went over in his mind why he shouldn't have done this but he did anyway.

        A growl started to come and she started to pound his chest and back with each hand, "Let me go you green oaf!"

        Each punch wasn't really that hard and she had to start laughing, "Green oaf?"

        Dalethria leaned back in his arms, almost falling out of them and couldn't help laughing, "I like big green better!"


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          He began to chuckle, knowing full well that the effects of the alcohol were more severe than she would admit. His grip on her within his arms tightened and he held her even more firmly as she finished pounding on him then leaned awkwardly back within them.

          ”Don’t squirm too much, or you’ll fall on your head.” He spoke mentally to her, the smug grin on his face even wider, as they reached the door to their room, which opened before them at a mental command from the huge Sith.

          ”An oaf certainly would have dropped you already, and you know you’ll always be Big Green’s Gem.” The door closed behind as he walked towards their bed, his wife still within his arms.


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            She couldn't move.

            But why would she?

            Ogre was right too, the alcohol was drank quite heavily and right now she felt like she could fly. The high was fueled with being in her husband's arms and knowing the destination that was on his mind.

            "You know ... I don't think I ever told you how much I love that nickname you gave me so long ago ..."

            She closed her eyes and found his lips, kissing him tenderly.


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              She was still speaking to him out loud rather than through their mental connection, even more of a sign of how drunk she was. Ogre smiled at her words as they arrived at the side of the bed, his thoughts completely open to his wife.

              ”Its more than just a nickname my love, it’s a truth.” Was communicated to her as their lips met in the kiss. He began to lower her down to the surface of the bed slowly, breaking the kiss as he set her down, and moving to remove her boots from her feet.


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                She propped herself up onto her elbows and smiled, watching her lover take off her boots. Things were becoming quite hazy for Dalethria. Her vision wasn't quite so crisp anymore. Ogre was pretty much green and some yellow thrown in here and there. His words and feelings kept her alive and focused in her mind. The love and caring that he felt for her was so clear. She also felt his need and it matched hers ...

                Sitting up fully, she didn't say anything .. only began to unbuckle the straps to her chain ...


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                  Her boots fell to the floor with successive thumps and Ogre looked up from what he was doing seeing her clearly with unclouded eyes and mind. The look in her eyes and the thoughts in her mind made it obvious that they each shared the same desire this evening.

                  Standing up he unclipped the harness on his chest, which bore the sheaths for his daggers, sword, and axe, setting it down at the side of the bed, close enough that it could easily be reached if there were a sudden need. Next he reached for the saber strapped to his leg, tugging it off and placing it on top of the nightstand, the entire time he keept his eyes locked upon his love’s beautiful form.


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                    What Ogre was doing before cleared some of the alcohol induced haze that was clouding her senses. Being with him was much more intoxicating then any drug or drink could ever do for her. It was that seeing him lately was so impossible and Dalethria needed something else to replaced what was lost. Sure, she was a Sith and such depressing and sorrowful emotions could be used to strengthen her but still in the end ... she was after all, only human.

                    She threw her chainmail to the side, clinking together in a heap on the floor as she then removed her leather boots, throwing them to the side as well. Her heart was quickening in pace and her breathing seemed to echo throughout her ears. Such anticipation and still being so inebriated, her sense of balance wasn't so good. Slipping the leather under shirt over her head, Dalethria loss sense of where she was and toppled over the side of the bed.


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                      He was quick as he took a huge step towards where she was, for him a huge step being moderately average. He managed to catch her just before she hit the floor, and picked her up into his arms easily with his strength, pulling her to his chest. The scent of alcohol on her was indeed strong, but it wasn’t something he wasn’t accustomed to. Even though it had been a while since he was an avid partaker in the spirits himself, he was still familiar with all that resulted from it.

                      He kissed her fully on the lips, tasting the flavor of what she had consumed that evening, before placing her back on the bed, crawling up into it upon his knees over her. The taste was sweet, but not only because of the alcohol, but because it also contained her taste, something that seemed to grow better and better each time he sampled it.


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                        She returned the kiss in full force, nibbling on his lips playfully as her arms wrapped around her husband's neck. Dalethria let her fingers circle around his skin and then slide down his chest to where she could feel the scars on his chest that were resulted from the ritual that took place. She was not happy. Ogre of course failed to tell her that he would be scarred permanently because she would have insisted for him not to do the ritual ...

                        But why would such deep thoughts be on her mind now. She was totally intoxicated and Ogre was being very attentive to her

                        She brought her hands down to the last article of clothing left on her body and wiggled her hips, letting her body finally be free of constraints. Her arms returned to embracing Ogre. Their lips hadn't yet left each others and Dalethria wrapped her body around his, pulling him tightly to her.

                        An eye popped opened and she muffled a complaint was covered as the kiss still raged on.

                        Lights are still on! :mad:


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                          The scar along his chest was not a pretty one to behold. Placed there by his own axe, it was wide and jagged. One of only two scars that his body held, both results of separate rituals that came from his people and family’s heritage. The one on his cheek, under his eye, was much less prominent than the one on his chest.

                          As she ran her fingers along it, he could barely feel what was happening, as the nerve endings were completely dead and useless under the scarred flesh. As she spoke to him in muffled tones through their kiss, he chuckled slightly, but didn’t break the meeting of their mouths, the physical display of their love.

                          I’ll take care of it Gem. He said to her through their mental link.

                          A single clawed hand moved off of her body and up into the air. With a snap of his fingers the room suddenly went black.