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*Back from the sim*

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  • *Back from the sim*

    *Bi0 layed down on the medbay bed with it upperpart slightly upward...Bi0 never slept flat on a bed but, rather tilted abit. He picked his hand up to look at the bandages around his hand and various parts on his body...he refused to be dumbed in a tank of bacta but did request pain killers to ease the pain. Bi0 was told not to move my the medbay droids, who Bi0 totally ignored. He sat up on his head*

    (Damn, those sim's are quite real....disn't think I'd have to abort the program but, the pain was coming to the point of me possibly dieing...what good would I be to the Empire if I was dead?)

    *Bi0 attempted to stand but forgot one of his leg's was busted...he wouldn't be able to move it more sometime*

    (Least it's not broken...I think I'll come back after I improve myself...which means I'll have to go to the Training Grounds and spar with fellow Sith...might be for the best....besides, since I'll be away from the Sim for awhile, sparring at the TG will keep my skills on edge)

    *Bi0 leaned back down and look up at the ceiling*

    (I might want to also take my mask off in the's becoming rather annoying and what to I have to hide?)

    *Bi0 shurgged it off and rested as two droids came over and took off the bandages to his arm and replaced them with new ones*

    (All and all, it was a good EXP...)