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The med-bay doors bust open...

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  • The med-bay doors bust open... Dyne runs in with Kaine and a few droids. He had landed his ship on a TSE regulated landing pad with clearance. The two had got back from a rather disturbing encounter. They took Kaine into a emergency treatment room, as Dyne stood there, looking on as Kaine disappeared behind some double doors. He sat down at a nearby seat, wondering how things were. Was he fast enough getting here? Would he be alright now? Dyne hanged his head, looking down below as the med-bay droids and medics worked on Kaine. His mind wasnt even on all the wounds that were inflicted upon him.


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    The droids rushed around, getting Kaine ready to be put in the bacta tank. It only took them a few moments, and almost immediatly after, rushed him into the tank. With the wounds he acquired, Kaine would probably be in the tank for a couple of days.


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      :: Dara received a message that one of her apprentices was just admitted to the med bay. The Lordess rushed down the hall only to be surprised at the person who stood before her... ::

      "Dyne? Is that you?"


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        Dyne took his hands off his face and looked up at his master. He nodded to her slowly before looking down again at the ground.

        "I dont know if I was quick enough, I just got here awhiles back."


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          :: Dara looked inside and saw Kaine lowered into the bacta tank ::

          "I'm sure you did what you could. The droids will get him fixed up, don't worry. What happened though?"


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            Dyne leaned back in his seat and still looked down, thinking to himself. He still had no vest on his chest, his wounds showing, as the tissue and skin was damaged from bolts os energy. The pain was still there, but obviously it didnt matter to him right now.

            "It was crazy.....We basically ran into a temporary hell hole. I was able to make it out and get Kaine along with me. Ill have to explain in full detail later......"


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              :: She nodded as he told briefly of the encounter and then took notice of his wounds ::

              "Later is fine. Look.. Dyne, we need to get you some medical attention too. Let's go into medbay and have the droids check you over while you're waiting to see how Kaine is doing."

              :: Dara gestured to an empty med bay table ::


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                Dyne looked at her and didnt want to go, but decided it was for the best. Getting up, he made his way to the table slowly, grinding his teeth. He got onto the med-bay table and looked up at the ceiling.



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                  :: As the medic droid team made their way over to Dyne's table, Dara walked across the room to the bacta tank which held her apprentice, Kaine Darklighter. She placed her hand on the tank and spoke to him via the Dark Side ::

                  Hello, my apprentice. The strength and power of the darkness is within you. Let it heal you so that you may walk the battleground again very soon.

                  :: Dara then looked back over at her apprentice Dyne, who was being bandaged and stitched back up himself. Her attention went back to Kaine for a moment as she nodded to him, and then she walked back across to Dyne's table ::

                  "How are you feeling now?"


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                    Dyne smiled a bit and looked at her as he was being worked on by the med droids.

                    "Good....then again I had better days, heh."


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                      A day had passed, and nearly all of Kaine's wounds were healed. He probably only needed to stay in the bacta tank for a couple more hours, and then the droids would take him out.


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                        -- Eve walked through the halls and passed in front of the Medbay then spotted Kaine in the bacta tank. She kept staring at him as she walked into the medbay. Without turning to Dara, she just asked. --

                        "My Lordess ... What happened to him ?"


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                          "Apparently quite a battle. I tried to get the story from my apprentice Dyne here, but he is injured as well. I'm certain what happened will be revealed to us soon enough."

                          :: Dara looked over at Kaine's bacta tank and then to Dyne on the medbay table, monitoring their recovery and awaiting the tale of the battle to be told ::


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                            Eve looked down slowly and clenched her fist. She looked back up in the bacta tank and nodded slightly to Kaine, not really knowing if he conscious or not. She looked over her shoulder at Dara.

                            "Whoever it was ... I'll make them pay."


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                              It had now been several days since Kaine had entered the bacta tank, and his wounds had been healed for a full day, but hadn't woke up. Kaine thought this might've worried his fellow Sith, yet all he was doing was resting. The fight that he had participated in was quite the fight, one that he'd really want to get back to, so he could kill that stupid Angel.

                              Another hour passed, and Dara, Dyne, and Eve had started with a conversation. Yet, half way through, their attention was turned to the bacta tank, as the body inside floated to the top. Kaine's eyes snapped open, and shortly after, he was out of the tank. He was quite surprised to see the three sith gathered here, but he kept it well hidden.

                              Kaine went behind a sheet hanging from the roof, and placed on some new cloths, that had been brought for him. He walked out, and slided his hands through his hair, putting it into place. Kaine wore his usual attire; a blue shirt, and white cargo pants. The shirt was nearly always unbuttoned, and underneath was a white singlet, covering his stomach and chest.

                              A moment passed, before Kaine finally broke the silence.

                              “So, Dyne, I guess you told Master Dara and Eve all about our little adventure?”