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The Return.

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  • The Return.

    *It had been over a month since I last graced the walls of the HQ. It had been hard, training by myself, finally completing my twin light sabers.... Now it was time to return, and finish some business that had been started.*

    *I walk into my familiar room, and leave the door unlocked. There were a couple of people that I had wanted to see, but I'm sure that they would show up here if they truly wished it.*

    *I lie down on my bed and relax.*

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    "Well ... look who's back."

    Dalethria was leaning inside the entrance to Morino's room, arms crossed. Her face remained impassive, not seemingly to care that her Apprentice had returned, "I was wondering if you would return to complete your training."


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      *I bow deeply to my master.*

      I have done as you asked Lady Dalethria.... I have completed the task that you had set before me....

      *My mind raced with unanswered questions. In our last meeting, I was confused beyond belief.... leaving so many questions unanswered. I hadn't known whether she had approved of my actions, my philosophies, or whether she blatantly disapproved. So many questions remained unanswered.*

      *I bow my head down and lock my gaze to the ground in respect.*

      I await your command Master.....


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        The confusion and the wanting to know what she thought of Morino was eating at his soul. Today Dalethria would provide none of the answers he so wanted.

        She pushed off the side of the door and started to take her leave, "Good ... at least your time away has been productive. This day is yours to do as you wish. Tomorrow we start again in the training grounds. Arrive there at dawn."