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Miryan is brought to the medbay

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  • Miryan is brought to the medbay Nuriko and Jedah, who had discovered the Sith Knight practically dying in wait in the council room. Miryan kept the sabre close at hand, though wanting to get well, also anxiously wanted to present it to his master, Lordess Dalethria.

    Nuriko helps Miryan onto one of the beds in the medbay and droids surround them, tending to various wounds and running scans over what parts are damaged.

    Nuriko looks over at Jedah and smirks. "I see blood on your cloak."

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    Watching the medical droids at their work, he knew them to be efficent and quick at their task. The Sith Knight might be sore for some time to come but he would make a recovery sooner or later.

    "Bah. Its only alittle bit."


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      *Laying back in the Tank, MnT could not help but cringe.. The bots had opened up his chest to repair the extensive damage to his ribs, and no amount of anaestheic(sp?) in the galaxy could make That a pleasent experiance.. Closing his eyes, he let his focus drift, the pain seeming to evaporate from his body as he shut it off from his mind.. He felt the presences of both Mistress Nuriko, and Master Lynch in the room.. He could not hear what they were speaking about, but when a thought crossed his mind, he felt he had to share it.. He opened his mind, and let out a telepathic message, hoping neither Nuriko or Lynch would have mental blocks.. He thought they'd appreciate the humor..*

      " ... The funny thing is, Teka's in far worse shape than I.."


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        ::Saphire walked into the room, her eyes lay on her friend and anger seered i to her heart. The one that had huirt him, so she had heard, was one of the worst enemies of hers and he might have to pay...
        She turned to Nuriko::

        Will he be OK? What exactly is the damage? Is it true Teka is the culprit?

        ::She waited for an asnwer while her eyes went back to Miryan and clenched her fists. Most probably Teka was in worst shape, she had no doubt of that but that did not stop anger.::


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          *Smiling through the pain it brought him, MnT turned his head at the sound of his friend, Sapphire's voice.. He could see the anger in her as much as hear it in her voice.. Closing his eyes, He spoke out to her with a thought..*

          " ... Sapphire, it's good to see you.. It's my understanding I'll be quite well, I have suffered worse damage before.. As for Teka.. yes, it was he I was fighting, although he ended up in far worse condition, I believe. What I do not understand though, is that why, when I'm off in the middle of a forest, not in any position to bring harm to anyone, he would hunt me down to fight me.. He is suppossed to be a Jedi, ne..?"


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            It was the faint presence of Miryan's lifeforce that drew her away from her own quarters and into the medbay. Fortunately, his presence was becoming more and more stable with each step she took towards her Apprentice's room. Dalethria recognized Nuriko and Jedah right away as she entered and overheard what Sapphire had said.

            She made her way close by Nuriko but her eyes were looking over Miryan, "So ... Teka did this?"

            This reminded her quite vividly her own fight with Reaperfett ... she had ended up just as bad, perhaps even worse after that battle.


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              "Indeed, the one known as Teka did do this. Apparantly at least one still living Jedi has teeth. And judging from these wounds perhaps even some claws"


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                *Smiling slightly as his master entered the room, MnT stretched his hand out, still holding the saber, and held it out for her.*

                ... Hello, Master.. As Master Lynch said, it was Teka, yes.. But he by far ended up the worst, physically.. And the victory was mine..


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                  Dalethria walked over to the side of Miryan and took the sabre in her hand, "You do me proud as always Miryan but now rest and heal."

                  She did share the sentiments of what was said and unsaid about this Jedi. Perhaps some of them did have the strength to actually fight back ... though the savagery of this encounter with her Apprentice left her wondering about this Teka.


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                    :: athena had seen or rather felt some commotion in the Med bay and walked that way. walking into the room she saw Mistress Nuri and Master Lynch, as well as her blood sister Dale. she also noticed Saph. Athena turned to see who was in the tank. she took a breath in as she saw MnT floating in the Tank. She wondered if he was going to be ok. she figured he would. ::