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  • Fatherhood

    Away from Helios for a little trip around the Empire, three parts of the Van-Derveld family sat in one of the small generic rooms of the headquarters. It seemed that two parts of this threesome were enjoying themselves, however one was not having so much fun.

    How the frell does this thing work? Vega grumbled under his breath, randomly pushing at the unit which Gitane had constructed to hold all the necessaries for Darius and Galatea's daily life.

    The twins themselves were in a world of there own. Such inquisitive and curious beings who spent their time taking in the sights and sounds of this new world. Everything, to them, was a wonderful experience, even the simplest things - and the Empire HQ was hardly simple, being an intricate cluster of rooms, not particularly catergorized in anyway, all housing a unique person.

    A small gungan popped out of the 'twin unit' as Gitane called it. It was a little plush toy.

    I wanted food, not a toy! Vega groaned, smashing his palm against the base of the contraption.

    Rising up to turn around and look over at the hovering bed, Vega let out a small sigh. Walking slowly over to the cots, the Sith Knight looked down into the peaceful childrens faces and simply stood in silence.

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    --Gitane stretched her arms over her head, stiff from so many recently healed bones. She looked around at Athena rather boredly, resisting the urge to send Vega a Comm message. She signed and plopped herself into a chair, tapping her fingertips restlessly on the armrest. Finally after several impatient moments she pulled out the Comm link and started typing in a message.--

    Message Sending... - - "How are the twins and how's the unit working out for you?"


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      Scooping up his comm. pad from inside of his pocket, Vega read the message sent through from Gitane. Darius squealed as the link beeped and whistled for a moment as Vega replied to the message Gitane had sent.

      Message Sending...- -"Things not good. Unit being difficult. Considering slicing unit into very small pieces. Twins, however, fine. They seem to be enjoying watching me suffer."