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    <font color="green">[c] Link established

    User ID: Jedah Zaknafein Lynch

    Rank: Sith Master

    TSE Position: Council Member

    DNA Scan Match.

    Eye Scan Match

    Blood type Match

    Finger Prints Match

    Heart Beat Match

    Voice Print Match

    Force Signature Match

    Insert Password.

    <font color="red">******* ******* ** ****** ***********</font color="red">
    <font color="green">Level Clearance Granted

    Following Files Opened:
    General Files
    TSE Files
    RSO Files
    TSO Files
    Lynch Files
    Journal Files

    General Files.....Accessing...

    Planet Listings Accessing.......

    Scanning search perimeters



    Searching......................</font color="green">

    Including Following ID Tags
    <font color="green"> Sith ID inserted
    Jedi ID inserted
    Ciz ID inserted
    DJ inserted

    Matches Found.

    Accessing File Matches?

    Read Y/N


    Access Individual Bios?

    Read Y/N




    Accessing Private Files</font color="green">[/c]

    </font color="green">"Zak....why dont you come out and play?"

    That voice, it kept speaking to him every so often. Why would she speak to him now he wondered, did it know as it often did in times past? Every so often the voice would speak to him above the others. This one was a source of torment. A reminder of the past. A reminder of different times and a life long since gone.


    Once upon a time thats what she had called him never using his first name. His middle name that he had despised ever since he was young and made to remember how to spell the blasted thing. It had been an source of irritation for him then as a child. More so when the children had begun to taunt him with the name endlessly.

    The voice drifted away soon enough. Gone again for a time. He was free of the invasion once more. Free again from the torment. His eyes glossed over as he accessed the communications system.

    "My lord how may I serve you?"

    A large brooding red faced created stared at him with controlled care and attention. One of the many Massassi that now served The Sith Empire as its guards and force stationed on planet after planet. One more of the Sith Masters long term plans he had sat into motion some time ago now, along with the Invid that he had created they would establish law and maintain the planets the Sith had taken control of to prevent any uprisings and destruction of any foolish invaders that dared to step foot where they should not.

    "The prisoners in D-Block that you showed me yesterday. Patch me through the monitor once more to view them."

    Without a will of his own the Massassi did as commanded giving the Sith Master a viewing of the prisoners that had been taken during one of The Sith Empires conquest. Faces of men, women and children lined the cells. Victims of circumstance who held power over nothing now. Not even their own lives. But he did. In the group of people was one child, very similar in appearance to the one that haunted him, to see one so similar must have resulted in todays visitation . A living reminder of the past.

    Watching these people shifted around each other, talked with each other it felt as if the room had gone cold. The Siths eye flashed in a green light then dulled and went dark. Cold...

    "Captain. Kill them. Kill them all. Use sharp weaponry and record the event."

    Nodding to one those that commanded his life the Massassi never blinked to the order, such things after all was common place. In a world of life there was often death and those like the Massassi were the bringers of damnation.

    Sounds of cell doors mixed with the sounds of feet moving on the ground followed by the screams and protest of people clashed out in the room with the Sith in it though the audio system. He sat there in the dark. Alone. Watching the ballad of death take its toll on another race, another civilization much like his own had once faced. Watching those in the cells fight for survival doomed as it was, he revelled in its chaos.

    His attention had been diverted from his earlier task, however it had not been without meaning. The Sith understood. Yes he had been a productive meeting this he knew. Watching the monitor that broadcasted the view of red streams rolling out over the ground he smiled.

    Damn them all

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    [c]<font color="green">Invid Selection
    Setting Preprogrammed Variables[/c]</font color="green">
    [c]<font color="red">Warning is in effect......[/c]</font color="red>

    [c]<font color="green">Requesting
    Sith Database

    [/c]</font color="green">
    Standing in the middle of the room with the lights low, the small amount of rays that shined about the room casted forbiding shadows on the walls in the already considerable dark room. The shrill cries of the people he had ordered killed played over and over again on a loop into the room continously, the Siths genetically enhanced hearing picked up every word of every individual that had cried out in pain or screamed as a blade was brought down on their bodies crushing bone and ripping into flesh. Quite easily did he hear their blood splatter on the walls of their cells that had housed them for months giving little hope and in the end only death.

    Staring at his arm he looked at the self inflicted deep cuts that flowed freely with blood. Slowly the vampyre aspect of him would heal, until then they would hurt like a *****.

    Its not good enough..

    Only when he had been close to death had he saw what was long buried in the deepest regions of his mind. Eventually he would forget, the memory blocks kept re establishing themselves time after time, to combat the Siths attempts the voices and images that he always saw had becoming a lasting punishment to stop his meddling in an agenda long started. Being an individual did not mean it was his life to live as he chose it.

    Tossing the knife he held aside to scratch the wall and fall to the floor covered in blood the Sith picked up the revolver. A blaster for a vampyre tended to pack more then just a sting, its effects sometimes hampered the recovery process, was it same for the others? Perhaps not, along the vampyre chain of evolution he was not quite as far as those in the coven.

    Not denied..

    Nothing would stop him for his answers. The screams of the damned rung out in his mind. Was this atonement for his sins? A path on which his battered mind had sought to follow for all the past deeds. His brow angled down. If so....

    So be it! Let the fates fall where they may!

    Arching his neck back opening his mouth the Sith took the gun and jammed the gun barrel down his throat, the taste of metal almost made him choke.


    The taste of metal was only second to the sensation of the blast going off his mouth as he pulled the trigger. A single bullet tore out the back of his throat amid a rain of blood, smoke flowing from his mouth, his whole body shook as the gun fell from his fingers.

    With a thump the body fell to the ground, Jedahs eyes shining then went dull. A stream of blood rolled out from his mouth on the floor.

    [c]<font color="green">Completed
    [/c]</font color="green">

    Waving away the light that blinded him he stood there looking on a hill. Below him a training camp echoed with the sounds of training, men fought each other with blades or hands. Several groups fired off shots from their blasters at the shapes that appeared randomly on a shooting range.

    Walking down amongst the people as nothing more then a phantom his dark eyes looked at a past he had not remembered or forced to live for a long time. One of the many blocked areas of his past hidden from him. A gray haired man walked up beside the Sith. The man looked to be in his fifties, the rank and dressing suggested whomever he was that the man was a general.

    "Sir your project has returned"

    Puffing his chest out and folding his arms out across his chest the general grunted in response to the young solider who had run up to him. Not bothering to respond to the lower rank individual the general started to walk away towards his small command tent followed by the spectre of the Sith.

    Blood matted the ground at the tents entrance that turned the generals face into a look of disgust. Brushing open the entrance to his living quarters for the last two years he stared at the black dressed person in a corner. The person sat with his knees up before him with his arms folded across the top of them, his body was cut and bleeding in several places, his dark hair burnt and scorched, the eyes on the solider seemed dull and devoid of any sentient life.

    "Get up solider"

    No response.

    "I order you to stand up"

    No response

    "Jedah I order you stand before your commanding officer"

    No response.

    The entrance to the tent flapped open as a second high ranking individual joined the General taking the time to look at the wounded man in the corner. "General it seems your little assignment has been beaten up again."

    A visible look of anger crossed the Generals face and he turned to look down at the shorter man. "He gets shot up in just about every mission. Half the brain haired stunts they get him to go through results in most men being killed, if not for his training and half that crap they programmed into him he would be long ago a blood spot on some mans boot. He's a damn robot now."

    The shorter mans moustache twitched. "Likes or dislikes, your time with him is now over, the six months are up, his being sent back for more reconditioning treatment. It has been judged under your command and the test data provided the proper results have not been achieved as projected."

    "Not achieved?!" A sneer crossed the Generals face. "Who is it that has been shipping him back and forth to your little black ops group when he came back half dead. You wanted data to make him meaner and a better killing machine. Thats what we have gave you. Hell you know as well as I this is the sixth clone of him. Put one through hell enough times and imprint those memories and emotions on the next version always makes them a much better for their job and thats exactly what I have been providing your pissy little ops people."

    Moving forward making the General step back the mans moustache twitched again. "I hardly call you and your little group of men setting him on fire, shooting him up and generally beating the living hell out of him to be acceptable data half the time when he comes back after a successful mission just to have some jollies and a good laugh while drunk. That is not your mission, your already in trouble General do not push your luck with me!"

    Calming down the Generals lips twisted as he held back his anger. "Mission or not you and I both know it gave your people some data they wanted. We did nothing to him that doesn't happen to him every time he goes out in the field. What's some friendly blaster fire going to do except give your men better findings, you know its true. If nothing else by the next time you guys clone him he'll be a meaner little devil if nothing else."

    Looking towards Jedah the moustache man grinned and began to walk away out of the tents flap. "You maybe right General....but next time follow orders or else. Its also my duty to inform you or a might want to hurry and ship him back to the prearranged base ASAP. He seems to have died again."

    Turning around the General looked at the body that lay in the corner with lifeless eyes as blood dripped along the ground. Walking up to the corpse the General grinned as he looked down at the body. "Thanks for the promotion you damn little punk" Shifting half his weight back the man brought his foot foward smashing the dead solider in the jaw knocking him down on his side.

    Standing soundless on the opposite side of the tent the phantom of the Sith had watched and listened to it all, with a glare that seemed to light up his lifeless eyes at the past revealed the area turned bright.

    [c]<font color="green">Completed
    [/c]</font color="green">

    Cold, his body felt cold. His eyes stared blankly at the floor and then his body shook as his mouth and eyes opened as he fought for breath coughing up blood. Twisting on the floor his body felt numb and dead to his commands, slowly he rose staggering on his two feet. Reaching back to his neck his hand raced over the spot the bullet had blasted through his skin finding no trace of any wound. The vampyre healing factor had saved him.

    Without a second thought he walked to the computer pressing a key.

    [c]<font color="green">Access Acknowledged [/c]</font color="green">

    The memories he found did not vanish, he remembered the vivid detail. He had lived them once and now he easily could find himself back in those days as he was sent out to kill diplomats or infiltrate a smugglers guarded home that had dared to make some powerful enemies. His thoughts also went to those that had set his body on fire for amusement.

    Damn them all


    Soon now......soon.....