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    :: It had been a little over a month since their elopement to Vortex. The ceremony was truly perfect with comrades in attendance and Master Rama Sha officiating the event. Upon arriving back at Munto Codru, the couple had settled into married life quite comfortably and Dara knew their dark union would last for all eternity.

    Sumor had been asked to serve the Empire as a member of the Council. Dara knew he was more than deserving and understood that sometimes his new responsibilities took him away from her for periods of time. They always tried to spend time together as they could, and she was looking forward to a quiet dinner with her husband this evening.

    After a long day of training apprentices, Dara returned to the Rayial room in headquarters. Her husband Sumor had arrived just before her and had their dinner meal already prepared and ready to serve. With a smile on her face she walked to greet him with a warm embrace and tender kiss ::

    "Well, hello there. How was your day?"

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    **After a long day of meetings and progress reports on the latest TSE missions and projects Sumor was looking forward to spending time with his wife. Getting back to their quarters before her he took a quick shower and had prepared a quick meal of bantha burgers.

    As she walked in he returned her embrace and kiss before answering her question.**

    Busy as usual. Full schedule of meetings. What's the saying, with great power comes great responsibility? Well I don't think whoever said that meant the paperwork and meetings, but they are sure part of the package.

    **He walked back into the kitchen with her following. Pouring her a glass of white wine he handed it to her before picking up the beer the he had been sipping on.**

    So how was your day?


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      :: She smiles and sips her wine, and then smells their delicious dinner. She closes her eyes for a brief moment and then looks upon her husband again ::

      "My day went rather well actually. My apprentices are coming along with their grasp and utilization of various Dark Side techniques. They certainly always keep me busy, that's for sure."

      :: Dara glances over at the table and then winks at him ::

      "Thank you for getting dinner for us, my dear. I have been looking forward to this time with you all day long."

      :: She looks up into his eyes as he takes her hand and leads her over to the table. He pulls out her chair via the Dark Side and she takes a seat as he walks to sit across from her. They begin to dine on their meal ::

      "We should do something different tonight after dinner, don't you think so?"


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        **Sumor took a bite of his bantha burger and grimaced slightly. Picking up a bottle from the table he poured a little of the red sauce on the medium rare burger and then took another bite.**

        Ah much better, Nothing adds to a food like a little ewok blood.

        **After another sip of beer he answered her.**

        Sure that sounds great. Did you have something in mind?


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          :: Dara spots the ewok sauce and her eyes widen ::

          "Hey, I didn't know you had picked up some of that stuff, it's great! Could you pass the bottle over here please?"

          :: He smiles and hands her the bottle of ewok sauce ::

          "Thank you."

          :: She pours some on her bantha burger and then replaces the bun, taking a bite out of the juicy morsel ::

          "Mmmmm, this is wonderful. My compliments to the chef. Oh, about something in mind. Well, we haven't been to the surface lately and according to the holo reports, it is a rather balmy evening.. sounds perfect for a walk to me. What do you think?"

          :: Dara dips some of the gungan fries in the ewok sauce too and takes a bite ::


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            Sounds good to me. If it doesn't involve an office, paperwork or staffers I'm there.


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              :: She smiled ::

              "Sounds like a plan then. Let's head out right after we are through here then."

              :: They finish their meal and take a moment to clear the dishes and grab a few things before they depart for the surface.

              The dark couple walks to the restricted area for TSE personnel only and steps onto an enclosed, round platform. Sumor enters a code and the couple ascends to the surface in a matter of moments.

              Dara and Sums step out onto the surface of Munto Codru. There is a slight breeze as the yellow and orange hues of the twin suns setting illuminates the area all around them ::


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                **Sumor took a deep breath of the fresh air. The air in the headquarters was constantly recycled and it was only replaced on a rotating schedule for security reasons. After the mission to Garqi returning to the stale air of the headquarters was a bit of a shock to the system.**

                Tonight would be the perfect night for some death, don't you agree?


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                  :: Dara turned to look into Sums's eyes with an evil grin ::

                  "It's always the perfect time for death. I bet we can find some surface dwellers lurking around somewhere that could quench our thirst for the spilling of blood."

                  :: Her eyes scan the area and shadowy castles in the distance catch her eye. One particular castle comes to mind as she is reminded of a spar with Death Knight Soth long ago.

                  Castles are scattered among an array of rocky dwellings sitting on the side of one of the mountain ranges on Munto Codru. Large stones and sections of walls lay at the bottom of the mountainside as foundations corrode with the natural erosion of the land. The dark ocean water splashes up against the shore just beneath the ancient dwellings and winding, cobblestone pathways spiral upwards to unknown destinations.

                  Her ocean green eyes sparkle in the moonlight as she turns back to her husband and motions to the mountain range ::

                  "That sure looks like a great place to start to me. Shall we?"


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                    Looks good to me too.

                    **They walked together along a stone strewn path as the suns continued to slip beyond the horizon. As the last of the light was about to leave the sky the pair of Sith came apon a sheer cliff apon which the castle sat.**

                    Lemme guess. Up?


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                      :: She smiles ::

                      "Good guess. Works for me."

                      :: Dara looked up at the castle before them. The detailed stonework had crumbled over time, and one of the walls had fallen away to reveal an upper level room which the native four winged bats circled around menacingly.

                      She winked at Sums and then slipped on a pair of black leather gloves from her belt before beginning to climb upwards on the rocky mountainside toward the castle. Her hands and feet were guided to the hand and footholds which were scattered along the side of the mountain as the two sith slowly made their way up.

                      Every so often she caught glimpses of what used to be a winding pathway, but that surface looked more unstable than the one she and Sums were ascending already, so she chose to keep the current course ::


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                        **Sumor's biceps burning by the time that they reached the top. It had been a long time since he had done any type of climbing like this. Pulling himself over the top of the cliff behind Dara, Sumor adjusted his weapons that had shifted in the climb and turned around. The view that greeted him was awe inspiring. The last sun was just minutes from disapearing and had cast the sky in a deep crimson colour only increasing the feeling of blood letting that was in the air.

                        Finally darkness crept over the Sith pair and Sumor turned to look at the abandoned castle.**

                        I do hope some sightseer's just happened to have stayed a little to long. With your company and this setting, only satisfying the feeling of death in the air would make this night truely perfect.


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                          :: Removing her leather gloves and placing them back on her belt, she stretches tired muscles as she looks up at the castle which basks in a soft crimson glow. With an evil smile dancing upon her lips, Dara looks back at her husband and winks ::

                          "Well then.. let's go see if anyone is 'home'."

                          :: The dark couple sets out up the stone path which leads to the tall, rusted iron fence surrounding the castle. The gate hangs barely attached to the bent hinges and propped open enough for the two to walk through as they continue toward the entrance.

                          Unattended trees and plants wind lifelessly downward to the dirt as evidence of the compound's abandoned state becomes more evident upon approach. The two sith walk up the steps and suddenly Dara finds her foot has broken through a crumbled stone and her leg jabs down deep in the open crevice. She grabs onto the railing and pulls herself out, stepping to the side of the hole and continuing up the stairs to just in front of the dusty door.

                          The ebony door's handles look as if they had been untouched for some time but Dara reaches out her hand and gives a twist. A small click echoes in the still of the night and the door opens with a creak. Dara and Sumor make their way inside ::


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                            **Sumor's hard soled boots echoed off the cobble stones of the castle. Reaching out with the force he tried to find if there was in fact anyone around. Slowly he "scanned" each room of the castle with his mind but didn't find anything but the presence of his wife beside him.**

                            Seems we are alone my dear. Shall we take a look around and see if there is anything of interest to pillage?


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                              "Yes it seems we sure are. Well perhaps after we get done exploring this building we can search another area and find signs of life.. soon to be death." :evil:

                              :: She winked and the two Sith moved further into the abandoned castle ruins. The foyer opened up into a large circular sunken living room with tattered decor and dusty furnishings. There were tall, gold inlaid wooden doors which were just to the left and right of the stone fireplace stationed in the middle of the room.

                              Looking up past the balcony of the second level there were four rooms in view, and the faint glow of the stars could be seen through a place where the roof once was. The hushed sounds of wings flapping echoed throughout the marble floored area as Dara and Sums stopped just in front of the fireplace ::

                              "Two doors down here and there are two of us... shall we?"

                              :: Sumor nodded with an evil grin and the Sith couple parted to explore the rooms, Sumor to the left and Dara to the right ::