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  • A rift opens...

    OOC: Continued from here.

    Rain, clouds. Neither were present outside of the TSE HQ. As the shimmer of distortion in reality appeared, a brief shower of rain exitted from the opening. The two travellers dropped down onto the dry ground at the foot of the stairs which led up into the HQ itself.

    "That went we-"

    The large black wolf pushed its back paws hard against the ground, propelling itself towards it's travelling partner. It's jaws were wide, teeth bared as it gave a gruff snarl. Still wearing the only item of human clothing it had returned with, it was an unusual sight indeed.

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    ... Well, That went we-..

    *MnT didn't even finish his sentance, as he was caught totally off guard by the sight he was met with. Sure, he trained himself to be ready for anything, but how does one prepare for their friend suddenly being replaced by a large bloodthirsty wolf?*

    *Instinct kicked in as the thing leapt for his throat, and he fell back, rolling along his back underneath the beast. Quickly bringing his legs up, he kicked up at the wolf's underside as it fell back down towards the ground*


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      Tumbling to the side, using what momentum it had been given, the beast scraped at the dry ground to pull itself to its feet. Looking towards it's opponent with a lowered head, eyes gleaming, tail up high, it barked loudly creating a sound which one would not expect to here coming from this creature.

      Continuing the attack immeadiately with a rush at the Sith, it charged forward, weaving back and forth - ready to avoid any projectiles that would be thrown. Eventually it once again took to diving at its prey, paws outstreched ahead of it - claws out, ready to dig into Miryan at the slightest notice.


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        --Gitane was letting herself wander around the quarters of TSE HQ. She paused a moment in silence at the sound of thumping and growls. To her knowledge, fighting was uncommon among the halls. She let her feet pic up their speed, turning around the corner to see her friend, MnT, under attack of a large black beast.

        Gitane narrowed her eyes, gazing at the animal. There was something about it that was off.. She shook her head to clear her mind from wandering and lunged herself at the beast in hopes to pin it--


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          :: Returning to her quarters after a long day at the training grounds with apprentices, Dara sensed a disturbance in one of the side hallways. It was an odd sensation actually.. she was detecting the distinct force signature of her apprentice Sith Knight Vega Van Derveld.. yet it was different. There was the usually high level of hatred but there was also a wild fear mixed in.

          Anyone who knew Vega remotely well knew that the man had no fear whatsoever, so Dara rushed to the location to see if her apprentice was somehow in danger. Upon rounding the corner, she spotted Miryan and Gitane lunging at a large wolf-like creature. Vega was no where to be found.. but his force signature lingered in the air... ::

          "Vega, where is Vega? He's in danger!"

          :: Seeing that Miryan and Gitane were too occupied to answer, Dara concentrated on the darkness which filled her being and pointed her thumb and first two fingers at the wolf, levitating it up into the air so that the two Sith were out of immediate danger for the time being. She held the creature suspended in air via the Dark Side as her eyes searched the area for her apprentice ::

          "Vega! Where are you!"


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            *Standing there, still in shock from the sudden situation change, MnT barely was able to raise his arms to defend from the incoming beast.. Suddenly though, a green blur crashed into vision, knocking the wolf down and away.. Turning his head, he saw it was Gitane, and he had never been happier to see her.*

            *However, before he even had a chance to express his gratitude, the beast was up again, and dashing towards Gitane, who was still picking herself up..*

            *A split second decision, and MnT took off, running to intercept the attack as fast as he could. He was not a long distance from the wolf Anyways, but it was a shorter distance from Gitane.. It leapt, and it stretched it's paws out in front of it, to knock it's prey back, and keep her down, while it would feed. It opened it's jaws, sharp fangs glistening with saliva awaiting the blood they would spill in half of a fraction of a second. The hair on Gitane's head moved slightly from the creature's breath, and suddenly, the wolf was tumbling over her body, it's chest indented somewhat from the force of the kick MnT had met it with..*

            *Quickly reaching down, as the wolf landed with a yelp, he helped Gitane get to her feet.. He thought he heard a voice, but paid it no mind, as there were more pressing matters at hand..*

            *He turned and saw the wolf, once more on it's feet, ready to attack. He blinked as the wolf began to tear forwards again, and when he opened his eyes, it was being lifted into mid-air..*

            *Finally noticing Dara Shadowtide, who he knew to be Vega's master, it came to no surprise when she inquired as to where Vega was..*

            ... Gitane, Lordess Shadowtide, thank you for intervening there.. As for Vega.. I think..... This wolf might be him..

            *Feeling more than seeing the shock on both Dara's and Gitane's faces, he took a deep breath to help calm himself, and continued..*

            ... Before We left to come here, I noticed that Vega's canines were elongated.. I think something must have happened at his family's manor, that changed him.. Also..

            *He pointed down to the articles of clothing that lay on the floor..*

            ... Vega was wearing those before I rifted us here, and the Wolf was wearing them when we arrived.. Finally.. I'm sure you've both noticed that Vega's prescence is eminating from the beast... I don't know if that's right, but it's the only explanation I can come up with for the situation right now..


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              In mid air the creature remained perfectly still, it's ears pricked up, eyes looking from one human to another. As one of the humans talked to the others, the wolf snarled quietly, beginning to try and run to attack him.

              The fact that it was levitating didn't seem to bother it at all as it continued to try and charge forward. It barked loudly, halting to strike a pose of anger, its tail high up in the air.


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                --Gitane looked to MnT in silence, her mind trying to take in the information and possibility. After a few moments, she turned to look at the hovering beast. The girl's pale eyes held a soft look of determination as she lifted her hand. The thought of the beast injuring her barely crossed her mind while her hand reached to touch against its muzzle. She kept her eyes locked with soft intention nearest to the beasts as she was able, her hand remaining centimeters from the black fur.--


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                  :: Dara held the beast hovering in the air as she listened to Miryan's deductive reasoning on the location of Vega. Her apprentice... a wolf now? She remembered hearing the story of a <a href=>wolf</a> creature in Rama's bar once a very long time ago. She looked at Gitane and Miryan and then back to the wolf ::

                  "Gitane, do you want me to release my hold on the wolf... or rather... Vega? Somehow we need to either subdue him or calm him and since you are his fiance, I think you are the best chance at getting him to respond."

                  :: The Lordess kept the wolf levitated in the air via the Dark Side as she waited to see what Gitane wanted to do regarding her fiance ::


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                    --Gitane nodded her head slowly, glancing at Dara before she returned her gaze toward the wolf. She bit her lip for a moment before pulling her hand away and stepping slightly back, murmuring to Dara.--

                    "Let him go.."


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                      :: Dara nodded to Gitane and the wolf slowly descended to the ground. Dara moved her hands to her sabers and kept a watchful eye on the situation in case she needed to help out in any way ::


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                        As its paws slowly touched down against the ground, the wolf took a defensive stance. These people who were manipulating were obviously powerful beings and he had become slightly unsure as to whether he would be able to beat them.


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                          --Taking in a slow breath, Gitane kneeled before the creature; Her eyes holding a calmness she'd only shared at rare times before. She lifted a hand, barely thinking of her actions before she let her fingers touch against the black fur of his muzzle.--



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                            As the female human's hand touched it, all down its back row upon row of spines of black fur pricked up into the air for a moment. It closed it's eyes, it's posture loosening slightly, tail lowering to signify the dissapearance of it's agressive attitude.


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                              --A faint, releaved grin ceased Gitane's lips as her fingers stroked lightly over the black fur. She let her pale eyes meet his for a moment, her thoughts drifting slightly. She kept her hand gently on its head, her voice soft in an absent murmur--

                              "What's happened to you...?"