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A Surprise Visit For Eve

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  • A Surprise Visit For Eve

    <Syren was wandering through the HQ aimlessly, lost in thought. She was thinking of paying Eve a surprise visit just for the hell of it, but wondered how Eve would react.

    Ah, well...Nothing else to do...

    Syren started to look around for Eve's room, walking up and down the corridors. Finally, she came to a door that had a sign on it saying, "Eve Siren's". She grabbed the door knob and opened it up and poked her head inside.>


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    Eve turned around from her chair and looked at Syren, surprised. She smiled and motionned the lady to come in. She tilted her head to the side and asked.

    "What brings you here, Syren ?"


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      <Syren walked in and closed the door behind her.>

      "Um...Nothing in particular. Just wanted to drop by and say hi, I guess..."


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        "Very nice of you, Syren."

        Eve smiled and stood up, clearing out the curtains for more light in the room. She grinned and sit down on her bed, grinning widely.

        "How's your boyfriend, Syren ?"


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          <Syren blinked. Boyfriend? Since when did she have a boyfriend? She scratched her head, confused.>

          "What the hell...?"


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            "Don't tell me you don't have a boyfriend. You ? THE Lady Evao ? Please."

            Eve grinned, she was in the mood for girl talk ... and in the mood to talk about her crush.


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              <Syren wondered what type of death sticks Eve was on.>
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                Eve smirked at Syren's thoughts. Even though she only began her long training, Master Rama already taught her how to read people's mind when their mind barriers are down.
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                  <Syren threw her hands up in dispair.>

                  "Ok, ok! I give! Sheesh..."

                  <She shook her head then looked at Eve placidly. A slow smile appeared on her face.>



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                    Eve ran her hand through her hair, silently. She looked at it and then looked at Syren.

                    "I need your help, Syren."


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                      <Syren watched Eve, not really paying attention, until Eve spoke to her. She realized that Eve was asking her for help, and became bewildered.>

                      "Help? For what? Is someone coming after you?! Is there going to be a bomb that's gonna explode any second?! Who, what, where, when, how, and why?!!"


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                        Eve's eyes widened and shook her head, waving her hands out.

                        "No, wait .. No ! It's me, I want a new haircut, I want it here, I want it now, I want it short and I want it so the Xs won't come after me !"

                        Eve took a deep breath before leaning her forehead on her arm, situated on the chair's back.


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                          <Syren blinked then relaxed. She just got herself worked up over nothing really, and got slightly irritated at herself.>


                          <She scratched the back of her neck, thinking.>

                          "So, let me get this straight. You want your hair cut short right here and right now? ...Well, you want it dyed, too?"


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                            "If it'll help."

                            Eve ran her hands through her hair again. Her long dark hair ... She wanted it gone and fast.

                            "Think you can do it ?"


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                              <Syren stared at Eve in shock. Did she think she could do it? Did she think she could do it?! Obviously this girl wasn't thinking when she said that. She couldn't have!>

                              "Do I think I can do it? Of course not! I KNOW I can do it. So what color do you think you should dye it?"

                              <She tilted her head, examining Eve. Blue would be a nice color...>