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  • ::claws his way in::

    a noise is heard outside the medbay, a mix of raspy breathing, calwing into the ground, anda body draging. a green scaly hand emerges through the door, and digs itself into the floor. behind it is the body of tempist, unable to do much of anything after his fight with hob. he made his way to a bed, and a droid came over to him. "what is your illness?" it asked. "look at me, stupid machine." he replied as he waved his hand over his wounds. the droid said somthing that he could not hear, but didnt care. he lied his head down against the bed as it worked.

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    Athena was walking past the med Bay when she heard Tem.

    "Tempistopps I shall find your master. Droid get him fixed AND now!"

    Athena went running out and looked for MnT.


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      *walks in mad*tempist can suffer*glares at him*


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        the funny thing is that tempist is no longer conscious, and cannot hear demon. perhaps that is for the best, since she is one of the only things he is holding on for.


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          *sits down on the floor an curses tempist*


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            the droid returned, carying bandages and other items that may be of importance. it began to work on his leg, reconstructing it. another droid started to work on his upper body, which was much less injured. it pressed down on his chest, forcing him to wake up. his eyes opened slowly, still not entirely awaye of the world around him. he saw the robots, slightly resembeling the ******* he had just faugt. his hand lashed out, severing the head of the closest droid. the other one moved away, knowing if it did not it would have the same fate. he sat up, and looked around. the ruined droid. the bandages around his gnarled leg. the beast sitting on the floor nearby. demonnight. that was her name, demonnight. she had been important to him. he still couldnt think clearly.


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              *just glares at tempist*

              ooc::its demonnight...


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                the fog in his mind began to clear a little, and he remembered more and more. who she was and what she was to him. his battle with the dark jedi. crawling into TSE. somthing about his master as well....
                ".....hello demon"

                ooc: sorry,i keep doin that


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                  *looks concerned for minute then gets up an leaves*


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                    he sits there for a moment, thinking about what just happened, before grabing the remains of the droid. he smashed its torso from the anger. they were through now. all he had left was vengance. vengance on the jedi order. vengance on hob..... and vengance on himself. the anger started to well up in him, and he kicked the droid that had retreated before. knowing that he would probably be punished for this, he scraped the debris into a small pile next to his bed, and closed his eyes to try to sleep. he had to stay here for a little longer before goin back to his quaters.


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                      *demon kept walk an trying not to cry nowing it was usless an it was a how of weakness*


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                        after an hour of rest in medbay, he rose from the bed. he found a doctor's script and wrote a quick note to MnT.

                        I'm not here for reasons that you may know or may not. By the time you read this I will either be in my quaters or in those of Demonnight. I appologise for not being here like you were told i was, but somthing very important has arisen.
                        Your Apprentice,
                        Tempist Opps

                        After, Tempist turned and left.


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                          *Walking through the hallways of the HQ, MnT ran a hand along the cold steel of the walls.. He had just recieved a holo-vid of the battle his apprentice Tempist had had, with Hobgoblin.. A being he had heard to be so exceptionally powerful, why would Tempist have tried to fight him, before his training was even over yet..?*

                          *Picking up on Tempist's prescence, MnT continued, making his way through the compound, to where his apprentice was..*


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                            ooc: MnT, see thread "thinking can be hazzardous to your health"