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Leads Athena into her Quarters

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  • Leads Athena into her Quarters

    OOC~ Continued from here

    IC~ Dalethria led the way inside her room that she shared with her husband, Ogre. It was a different room since her Blood Sister was last to see her in the HQ but it was still large and richly furnished.

    She made her way straight for the trophy case and opened the double glass doors. It was five shelves high and Dalethria carefully reached behind the sabres displayed on the third shelf, and pulled out the Wakizashi ... a shorter version of Athena's Katana. The hilt was covered in black and red leather straps that were woven around in a crisscross pattern. It was light and perfectly balance since she last held it in her hand.

    "I haven't held this weapon since it was put on display ... been a long time even before then since it tasted blood." Her blue eyes finally tore away from the blade and looked at Athena, "Did you have a place in mind to use these weapons?"

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    *Athena smiled when she saw the matching weapon of her sister. " anywhere there are jedi or weak fools?" *Athena looked around the room it had changed so much. *


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      She lowered the blade so it rested by her side ... thinking of a place to strike against some unsuspecting fool. Returning to the cabinet, Dalethria pulled out the scabbard and sheath the weapon, locking in place with a 'click', "The problem is that the Jedi are scare now a days. Bloody cowards ..."


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        True and dont i hate that fact of it. they run.... I have never ran from a fight. That i can remember!


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          "Well, we could always find a nice place to terrorize." She remembered fondly how it felt to make her homeworld suffer.

          She smiles playfully, "Any ideas since this little outing was your idea?"


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            Athena took a seat on the floor and thought. she didnt know where her home-world was so it was out of the question. and she had not really been out of TSE home since she got here.

            " damn it i have no idea...hummm ooh how about the jedi, from the bar you took me too?"


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              "Hmm ... that could be a good idea."

              Her lips curl into a grin, "I got a better idea."


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                *athena had blurted out in total joy.


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                  Laughs at her sister's enthusiasm, "Now, now. If I told you it wouldn't be a surprise now would it?"


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                    :: Athena sits back and makes a rather funny face at her sister. ::

                    " Ooh but to go and kill once more with you Dale. think of it. you should be as giddy as i am "


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                      The door to the quarters opened unexpectedly and in walked the green Sith Master, looking slightly battered from the day’s training. He saw his wife and her sister conversing over some old weapons and greeted them with a casual hello, walking over to where they were.


                      He turned to Athena and extended his hand, in greeting.

                      “It has been awhile since I have seen you Athena.”

                      Ogre looks from face to face and at the weapons they each hold.

                      “Plotting something, or just talking about old times?”


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                        :: Athena smiled and looked at her brother. ::

                        " hey there brother. it has been some time since we last saw one another. i trust you are well. "

                        :: Athena looked at her sister and smiled. ::

                        " yes we are plotting as we talk of old times. "


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                          She had a guilty look on her face after Athena spoke. Dalethria was hoping to sneak out to cause some trouble with her sister but now that wasn't going to be possible now that she was caught and by accident too.


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                            A single blond eyebrow raised on Ogre’s face as he heard Athena’s answer. He sat down in a chair just across from them and spoke, to his Sister.

                            “All is very good actually, better than it has been in a very long time, which is quite surprising for ones such as us. Has Dalethria told you of her news?”

                            As he finished with the question, his gaze turned to Dalethria with a slight smirk.


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                              He put her on the spot. Dalethria would have to hurt him later :evil:

                              She shuffled her feet and then sat down by the nearby chair. The weapon rested gently across her lap and she avoided the question, "No, I haven't told anyone yet. Only you and Sorsha know still."