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Dark Ages: Moving in

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  • Dark Ages: Moving in

    (dragging a big black nerf-hide bag behind her, Branwen steps into her new quarters and looks around, nodding at the surroundings. Death, Doom and Destruction. Truly so.

    Dumping the huge bag on the ground in the middle of the place, she opens it and starts throwing out things, datacards, books, oddly-shaped metallic instruments, clothes, small bags filled with something that looks like dried grass, a stuffed black cat, and more - all piling up behind her as she rummages through the bag.

    You can hear her mumbling to herself as she does it)

    Where did I put it, Morcant, eh? where did I put it? ... I know it was somewhere here... somewhere.... but where?.. couldn't have lost it, nah, of course we couldn't... but where is it, eh? ... needs some light, this place... doesn't it?... nice warm glow it needs... a bit of decoration, yeah...

    (she pauses, holding up a thick dusty book and brushes over it, almost gently)

    What have we here, Morcant, eh? Lookit that... nice, nice... forgot we had it... have to find a good place for it...

    (walking over to a table underneath the window, she sets the large book down onto it, then turns around and goes back to searching through her bag)

    Well, where is it, Morcant? Can't find it... oh wait... no, that wasn't it...

    (she briefly holds a small silver box in her hands, then tosses it over her shoulder onto the pile along with the other things)

    WHERE IS IT???

    (anger starts to build up inside her head, and the book she put on the table seems to tremble for seconds, the table wobbling on uneven feet.

    Branwen looks over her shoulder and grimaces.)

    Stay there, you dumb thing... didn't allow you to go anywhere, did I?

    (finally, she seems to have found what she's looking for, and triumphantly holds up another small box.)

    There it is, Morcant... see? we didn't loose it after all...

    (she puts the box down on the table as well, and opens it. A strange glow seems to emanate from it, and she puts her hand in and takes out a blueish glow crystal. Admiring it for a minute, stroking its surface, the crystal's glow seems to increase. She then puts it down again, and starts dragging the table over into the center of the room, with a loud screeching noise. Finally, satisfied with its new position, she arranges the crystal on the table so its glow illuminates the entire room.

    Leaving the pile of odd things she unearthed from her bag lying where she threw it in the first place, she takes up the book and throws herself onto the bed, and starts reading, humming to herself)

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    Re: *Moving in*

    Who are you talking too?

    :: Rama appears in the door way, crutches and all. ::


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      Re: *Moving in*

      (As one caught doing something she shouldn't have, Branwen jumps up from the bed she was lying on, and the book falls from it onto the ground with a hollow thump.

      Her voice sounds a little hysterical, seeing that it's one of the Masters come for a visit.)

      "Talking to? Talking to? Why, nobody am I talking to. You see someone in here besides me? No, all on her own is Branwen... no one here, no one here."

      (Her index-finger absently plays with her long hair, and gets entangled in it. Frowning, she pulls it out, tearing at her hair.)


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        Re: *Moving in*

        Soooooooooo you were talking to yourself?


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          Re: *Moving in*

          (Somewhat foolishly, she looks at the Sith Master, and holds up her index-finger, as if pointing out something important)

          "Talking to herself? No, no... not talking to herself. Branwen is talking to Morcant. Just good old Morcant all by herself."

          (She grins toothily.)


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            Re: *Moving in*

            Your talking to your index finger?

            :: Rama rasies an eyebrow ::

            Well whatever floats your boat, not to many ppl around here have all their nuts on tightly.


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              Re: *Moving in*

              (Looking puzzled that the Sith Master didn't get her meaning, she points at her head. Realising that he would probably still not really get her meaning, she knocks against her temple with her index finger.)

              "Silly, no - indexfinger isn't called Morcant! Why would you give a name to your finger?"

              (She eyes him curiously)

              "Do you do that? Do your fingers have names?"


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                Re: *Moving in*

                Just my middle one.


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                  Re: *Moving in*

                  (She chuckles to herself, eyeing the Sith Master wiht amusement)

                  "What do you call that one?"


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                    Re: *Moving in*

                    The bird.

                    Wanna see it. ^_^


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                      Re: *Moving in*

                      (She takes a step back, in shock. Her face turns a sickly white shade, her eyes grow wide with fear)

                      Morcant, do you hear? the ... the... bird... that bird? not that bird, no... just a name this is, not that bird...

                      (As one who has just made and realised an error of thinking, she now smiles again and looks up, her face regaining its colour. The smile turns into a wide grin)

                      "Wanna see it? Nah... don't wanna see it. I look outside and I can see lots of birds. Enough birds there."


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                        Re: *Moving in*

                        We're Underground........only birds you'll be seeing out those windows are rock ones. If it's safe bird watching you want you take the southern tunnel to Montu Curdo indusrties tower, it's been abandoned since we got here and you can see the whole city from up well as the birds.


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                          Re: *Moving in*

                          (she chuckles loudly)

                          "You should apply for a job as Tourist Guide or something - pointing out all the nice spots in town... you didn't come here by any chance to offer me the grand tour of the TSE HQ, did you?"


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                            Re: *Moving in*

                            There isn't much to see.


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                              Re: *Moving in*

                              "Too bad."

                              (She moves over to the table and picks up the glowing crystal, then starts throwing it in the air and catching it - a few times)

                              "Guess I be going myself and looking around by meself then, eh?"

                              (She throws the crystal in the air once more, but it flies at Rama)

                              "Does he want to accompany us, maybe? Eh? Be that what he came here for?"