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  • In my room.

    I slowly slip into my room, overwhelmed by everything....

    I unconsciously leave my door unlocked as I lie down on my bed, staring up at the ceiling.

    It was so hard to understand how I felt.... even to myself. Was I jealous?.... Was I disappointed? Happy?

    I felt all of those things.... Disappointed because I wasn't worth telling, jealous for the same reason, but those would pass. I was happy most certainly, more than could be said with mere words, and also a layer of concern found its place in my mind....

    All these feeling manifested themselves at once in my head as I lay there......

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    Another Council meeting ... another day has passed. Dalethria was quite worn from her daily activities that the only place she wanted was to be in her room resting with her husband. She was grateful that her pregnancy not only brought about a new life but also it gave her more time to spend with Ogre.

    Walking through the corridors of HQ that she knew so well, a familiar presence was felt. Strong emotions emanated from his room and Dalethria found herself heading towards the lower ranks quarters inside the HQ.

    His room was slightly ajar and she peered through the opening seeing part of Morino lying on his bed. He was still awake and contemplative.

    Musing it over briefly, Dalethria decided that it would best to see him now to alleviate concerns as she said during their last training session.

    A gentle push and the door opened, letting the light brighten Morino's room. Stepping one foot inside, she looked over at Morino with questioning eyes.


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      (OOC: Son of A.... Erggh.... bad thing.... I absolutely hate it when I use the wrong usename! LOL.... *blushes*)

      I suddenly am aware of her presense. I get up off of my bed quickly and bow to her, showing my respect.

      "L..Lady Dalethria... I'm greatly honored and surprised that you would stop by at this late of an hour...."

      I move around my room and get a fairly comfortable arm-chair out for her.

      "P..Please... sit down if you want to. If there's anything that you require, just tell me...."

      I slowly sit down on my bed, only after Dalethria takes her seat in the arm chair, and my eyes, curious as to her visit, look into her questioning ones....*


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        OOC~ O_O I feel like I am in the Dungeon and Dragons cartoon. Can I be Sheila? ^__^ I always loved that cloak

        IC~ Dalethria didn't think her presence would have caused Morino to be so ... jumpy. His reaction was typical ... respectful and chivalrous. Everything she expected of him ...

        Dalethria crossed her legs and rested her hands in her lap. She decided to look around her Apprentice's quarters before answering, "I don't require much this second expect why you are acting jittery around me."


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          (OOC: Oh my god.... I got the right one this time! LOL)

          I look at her.... and I think to myself, trying to find the answer to the question she put forth....

          "I....I don't know.... I truly don't know... though I believe it is a passing thing.... maybe it was surprise that you came to my quarters at this hour...."

          I look at her.... wondering why she came at this hour anyway.... wondering if I was "projecting" my emotions that strongly....


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            She closed her eyes for a moment as if in thought and then returned her gaze at Morino, "True ... my presence has shocked you somewhat ... but moreso then usual. Why?"

            Dalethria knew the answer but rather have her Apprentice speak for himself ... if so wanted.


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              I close my own eyes, and breath out deeply before opening them again, and answering.

              "Your.... condition.... that is what is shocking me the most. Not the fact that you are with child... but more because.... you did not tell me...."

              "I worried about you greatly. Nothing made any sense... The way that you had been acting.... and now it all makes sense."

              "I worried because I...."

              I look down, not knowing whether I should continue, but deciding that it needed to be said....

              "I worried because I care for you very much.... and.... for what it's worth, I want to help you through this as much as I can... I want to help you as a trained medical expert... specialized in this field.... and... hopefully.... more importantly....."

              "As a friend....."

              I look at her, bracing myself for what would come next... Anger... shock... utter disbelief... it would not matter, because I at least was able to finally speak how I felt.


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                What Morino said didn't surprise her. He was dedicated to her completely whether or not she truly deserved it. All his emotions were jumbled inside and her Apprentice didn't know how to act or be around her and leaving him out what was going on with her, further segregated him. His duty forced him to accept not knowing and Dalethria personally didn't want everyone in the galaxy to know she was pregnant ...

                Looking at her Apprentice, she could have made an acceptation with Morino. Would it be so wrong to let Morino in a little? Dalethria was starting to do that with Athena before her first Apprentice disappeared ... now here was another chance.

                "You are unique and perhaps I am guilty in not knowing how to react to you. Miryan, another of my Apprentices ... you remind me of him to a certain degree. Yet, you're much more formal and quiet about what you are thinking."

                Her eyes seem to laugh even though her mouth betrayed no humor, "Except for now of course."

                Dalethria stared long into Morino's eyes. Nothing was said and the silence was only accompanied by the shallow breathing of the two Sith. Maybe the chance was there again but in another form ...

                A few more moments, "I ... would like any help you wish to offer."

                She closed her eyes and smiled to herself, "I would suggest talking to my husband so he doesn't break something of yours when you're around our quarters a lot."


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                  I nod slowly, taking in everything that she said. I was surprised, but very thankful for her decision.

                  "I thank you Lady Dalethria... I will do everything within my power to help, in whatever form my assistance needs to present itself...."

                  "Whatever request, or assistance you need, it will be done."

                  "I will not fail you.... You will not regret this."

                  "I...I believe that we shall both benefit from this...."

                  I look into her eyes, waiting to see what she thought, knowing that it was probably more than a little ackward for her.


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                    She tried to hold up a hand to stop Morino from continuing after his second pledge of loyalty. To hear his feelings and proclamations said so simply and matter of fact was a little strange, but she remember vaguely how officers acted around her father. Finally when her Apprentice stopped for a breath, Dalethria chimed in, "I already know that you are dedicated to me and my well being, Morino. Such declarations are unnecessary. Actions will serve to be more useful."

                    Her right eyebrow quirked upward, "Wouldn't you agree?"


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                      I nod slowly as Lady Dalethria spoke. I was relieved that she was not angered at my declaration. I look at her as she says....

                      Actions will serve to be more useful...

                      "If it is action that you wish, my mistress, then action you shall recieve. If there is anything that you wish of me, please tell me. I wish to offer my aid as your Apprentice...."

                      I then speak in a slightly quieter voice...

                      "If not your friend...."


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                        The last sentence was quiet and inaudible to most, but for the Lordess and her attunement with the Dark Side, it was said as if spoken plainly. Dalethria chose to ignore it for now. There was no response she could give and only time would tell if she would develop a friendship with her Apprentice or not.

                        "The only aid that I wish is for you to aid yourself and get some sleep," she said simply as she rose. "I'm rather tired myself and need some rest."


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                          I get up quickly and bow to her.

                          "As you wish Lady Dalethria. I hope that you sleep well, and that you will call for me when I am needed...."

                          I slowly walk with her to the door, which was the honorable and right thing to do when with a figure of importance.

                          "And I apologize for keeping you up later than necessary. Goodnight, my Lady."


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                            She tilts her head forward in acknowledgement of Morino's bow, "You didn't keep me. If I didn't want to come here we wouldn't have had this conversation."

                            A smile appeared as quickly as it was extinguished before Dalethria turned around and departed from her Apprentice's room to turn in for the night.