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  • Just a suggestion...

    I don't know why, but I feel the need for something to happen in the way of registering your characters sig pic or something. For example, I suggest someone should have a list of characters ezboards account names, and the name or picture of the character they use to RP with. I know in the past their have been some conflicts with people using chars belonging to others and it would be very frustrating to see.

    So for example again we have a list

    Account name, date character claimed, pic or name of character used, and confirmed by a master.

    PROS: Characters are safe. People are able to view and get idea's of character pics. Handy to have. Extra feature on the sith homepage. People could send the owner of the pictures some more pictures they stumble upon, for future needs. a much wider database. If this were allowed to go ahead, we could thus eliminate any chance of someone doubling up someone elses character, and the ability to stop someone else claiming that they had the picture rights first.

    CONS: It may be a hell of a task to maintain it single handedly, but with multiple people it would be less a burden.
    It may seem a little unecessary. People will try to claim numerous pictures. Identification of pictures and the contrasting of characters. Tip toeing around the REAL copyright laws, careful not to CLAIM the picture as their own but establish use of it.

    I know it's a rather lengthy, and probably a confusing suggestion as I didn't really explain it that well. But if any higher up has any spare time I would like to here back from you's. Or drop me a line at [email protected]


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    I understand what you're saying and I completely agree that it would be helpful when a person creates a new character to know whether someone is using a particular pic or set of pics. I almost think it's kind of an unwritten rule in roleplaying on the boards to not use a pic that someone else uses, kind of a courtesy thing.

    At least from what I know, most people who accidentally use a pic someone else is using will change the pic once they are contacted. I'm just wondering how it would all be catalogued though.. like one person doing all this? Which of course would be a huge and thankless task.. or would there be more of a registry type method where you post it somewhere.. is that what you mean?


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      Yes you have the right idea. I was thinking if we had a few people looking after it, like similiar to what Sumor does with the Shipyards, having a few helpers.

      We could either make a board, and set up just a topic for everyone to post their claims there. Or, dpending on which is better, I could set up an e-mail account in which numerous people may have access too. Members could send an e-mailing with the necessary details and requests could be processed from there on.

      I agree with the task being a massive one, but once we get it up and running, it wouldn't really take alot of time. Just an update or something along those lines every week/fortnight depending on how keen we are.


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        Updating this will be like updating the website here, but way more insane. You have to take into account every group and what pics they use.

        If you really want to do this, might want to post at some other group boards and see what they say. Maybe more people will want to help out


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          If you want to do this, I'd do it.

          Anu', you might remember when I did the TLP clanpages account. I don't mind at all setting up something like this.

          Just offering my help if its needed ^_^;


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            Wowzers...that would be nutty! I can't even begin to imagine how many images you'd have to sort through.


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              i'll help if i can, if you want it.


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                I can already think of one Tempist here and a Jedi Padawan are both using pics of Adam Warlock.


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                  no, mine is Urza planeswalker, from Magic the gathering.


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                    Thanks Vega you're a true pal! THanks for everyone offering for their assistance also.

                    I was thinking if we just set one up maybe for TSE and see how it went, as a trial. Then we could determine how much of a hassle it was or how bad it was. I know it's would be massive, but I could probably set up a microsoft access database which would make it very simple.


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                      The concept is a good one, but the logistics of actually suceeding at pulling something like this off are insane.

                      Besides what others have mentioned here, what about the fact that some people change their character pics, and some even on a very frequent basis?

                      Its not a bad idea like I said, just not very practical or really doable in my opinion.


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                        Agreed, it would be a hell of a task to maintain and establish.

                        I just thought it would be a useful thing to have, in case of backing up chars, and evidence wise. It would be handy yo have.

                        But yes, it probably is unliable to have. I will make an access program one day and show it to you all, see what you's think.