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  • In my old room...

    *Neo opens his door, and wlks into his room, virtually untouched since he last had been here...he looked around at all his belongings, and sat on his bed...he turned on his visionscreen to check up on what he might have missed, the checked his messages over the last few months...the revolt on his home world had forced him to rush away, to show those stupid peasants what was up...but he never ment for Ferin to be taken, if indeed he was taken...he and Ferin had become quite close over these past few months...evolving into an awesome fighting force worthy of many...although the both had a long way to go with the dark side, they were learning...and well. He rose to prepare his exercise quarters for his new regimen, and began to work out...he had become the epitome of strength, chisled out of rock, his skin rough and calloused, bruised and scarred, the marks of battles since shoved to the back of his head...he continues to exercise, late into the nite...hopeing for someone to come to him to break the monotony...*

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    :: Neo notices movement in his peripheral vision as he works out. He turns to look, and suprisingly, he sees a man in a black polymer armor suit...seemingly walking on the ceiling. The man looks "down" at Neo with a face full of hateful malice, which slowly melts into a warm and friendly smile ::

    Hello there!


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      8Neo rolls off the bench towards his bed, simultaniously drawing his sabre and flipping up to his feet...his sabre ignites, and he stares at the newcomer*

      Who are you, and what are you doing on my ceiling?


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        Re: re:

        :: Anbiraa's smile widens ::

        The door was open, and you seemed intent on having company, although I must say your gentlemanly ways are...unbecoming.

        :: Still on the ceiling, he gestures at the man's lightsaber ::

        I would put that away if I were you. Those things are dangerous.


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          *Neo puts his lightsabre down, and motions for the man to come down.*

          Come to the table...i apologize...i come from a land where such unannounced visits mean death is for a drink?


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            Re: re:

            Neither your drinks nor your apologies shall satiate me.

            :: Anbiraa drops gracefully from the ceiling, landing on his feet with no sound ::

            What good is an apology from a Sith? Your spit in my eye would be more comfortable.

            :: Anbiraa chuckles to himself, and a small bit of laughter forms ::

            I remember Darth Vader...and the offer of Captain Needa's apology.

            Tread lightly, young soul. Here there be dragons, but where I stand, dragons fear to tread.

            :: Anbiraa's smile dropped from his face, and he snapped his fingers loudly. A small bottle and two glasses hovered over to them from a nearby cabinet. ::

            Oh on second thought...I think I will have a drink. Nothing like murder and melodrama to dry you out...

            ...I'm sorry, I never got your name.


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              *Neo pulls up a chair and sits down, chuckling to himself as he sits.*

              Well, my name is Neops Cloudstalker, but i go by the names neo, or azrael. Who might you be, o man with burning sterotypes of sith?


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                Re: re:

                My name is Anbiraa Hicchoru.

                :: He smiles ::

                I kill people.


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                  *Neo looks at his visitor, then laughs out loud*

                  Well, finally someone who has the honesty i've looked, is this a hobby or a sport, this killing people?


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                    I am perfect. I kill those who are not, and who are not useful to me.


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                      *neo grins*

                      Well then, either your gonna kill me soon, or i will be usueful to you in some way...which is it, my fellow sith?

                      *Neo realizes that this person could kill him at a moments notice...he just welcomes the challange.*


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                        The former would be amusing to me.

                        :: a cool breeze can be felt in the room, as Anbiraa smiles ::


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                          *Neo grins...fighting is a way of life for him now...*

                          Well, my fellow angel, i believe i am quite fond of your outlook...i would take as much joy in fighting you, as i would fighting alongside you...perhaps someday we shall get the privilege of both...however, for the time being, let us drink to our healths, and to thedownfall of the jedi.
                          Come, Angel of Death, Join the Angel of Vengence in a drink.


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                            :: The wind increases, as the clone glares with a silent furiosity seemingly into the soul of the man. He speaks through clenched teeth in a low tone ::

                            Careful when you speak that name, and know what you invoke when you do.

                            :: A pinpoint of faint green light became visible between the two men. Anbiraa raised an open hand into view, and slowly began to close it.

                            The wind increased, spilling the drinks on the table. ::