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A message to one missed (Private RP)

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  • A message to one missed (Private RP)

    Dear Oni,

    There's less than two weeks left until the project's completed, so I'll be home soon. Security has been stepped down enough that I'm finally able to send out a message to you. Over these past few months, I can't help but keep wondering how you have been, what you've done, friends that you have made, and how much I've worried about you.

    I miss you, love, and only wish that the council had approved my request to have you accompany me. I love you. See you soon..

    Your love,

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    {{Oni smiled slightly for the first time in three months but it quickly faded as the holo message did. She turned off the panel in front of her, quickly encasing the room in the almost pitch blackness she had lived in when she wasn't in Rama's Bar. She sighed and let herself drop back onto the bed that really didn't even belong to her. She didn't feel at home, and the fact that her reason for being here was absent was getting to her. Maybe she should take a trip to Coruscant for these last two weeks. She rolled onto her side and frowned. No, she should know better than that. In her own heart she knew if she left this place, she would never return. And the need to punish the Jedi for what they did to the man who saved her life was eating away at the back of her mind as well. Oni found herself beginning to wonder how hard it would be to force herself into a coma for two weeks..}}