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  • A Dark Night...

    Athena finally made her way from her <a href=>battle.</a> Her body hurt and was badly injured. She had been the recipiant of a badly burnt shoulder, from her own saber. Then the Jedi had dislocated her shoulder. Thankfully other then that her left injuries were only bruise's.

    With a painfull look in her eyes she fell over onto a bed, she yelled for the Med Droids then her lack of drive took over. She waited, and watched.

    Her eyes never closed but she stopped moving and yelling. She thought to herself. ~How un sith like. Yelling like a scared child , SHUT UP ATHENA deal with it! Your not Dead yet. ~

    Athena moved her body and smiled she would soon have her revenge on that Jedi. He was strong and she loved the fight. She had punctured his lungs with a stab from her dagger, his head was bleeding from her throwing him into a tree.

    She blinked her eyes and saw someone.

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    :: Dara was walking down the hallway to her quarters when she sensed Athena's force signature. Something was different though, it was much fainter than usual. The Lordess made her way to the Med Bay where she found her apprentice bleeding and laying on one of the tables. Dara moved to her side and called for the medic droids on duty. As they began assessing the damage, Dara spoke to Athena quietly ::

    "Well hello there, my apprentice. It looks like you have been making the Empire and myself very proud again. I hope you made your opponent bleed as well. Let's get you fixed up so that you may continue forging your path of darkness in the galaxy."

    :: Dara smiled ::


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      Athena's eyes had flashed an elegant crimson color as her master spoke.

      Within a faint voice she spoke.

      " Yes master I did. I do hope to make you proud as well as our Empire. His blood ran from his wounds. "

      She rested as the driod began to work on her left shoulder and arm.