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  • PARTY!

    Athena had just rushed out of her sister Dales room and into her own. She had to get it ready!

    Athena hung banners and filled ballons. she smiled the whole time. She took many hours to make food and other goodies. she need it to be done. The entire place was finally done it took her only 4.5 standard hours.

    Athena got a gift after her home was ready. She had filled the house with Ballons and ribbions. It didnt look like the warriors home. soft colors adorned her walls. and food and smells of cooking food floated from her area.. Soon all her guests would be here. but first she had to tell others, then get the guest of honor here first.

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    Having walked down the corridors with his hands resting behind his back the Sith stepped at a constant pace in his stride not missing a heart beat. His boot then touched something soft, stopping before he pressed his full weight down, the Sith gazed down.

    His expression went from puzzlement to confusion as he lifted his foot off the...ballon? Picking it up in his hands he dug his fingers into the item popping it. Shifting his eyes to the side looking at the door ajar his nose twitched with the aroma coming from within the room.

    Silently to himself he stood there and thought to himself. What the deuce is going on here


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      Athena was on her way to get one last thing for the party, then she ran right into Master Lynch. She grabbed his arm and smiled.

      " Come on in thanks for stopping by. I still have to get one more thing. "

      Athena took Master Lynch into the sitting room and took off out then returned with the last bit of things needed.

      " so master Lynch how are you? "


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        Staring up at her puzzled and somewhat more then baffled at exactly what was going on and why he had been yanked into this room he picked up a ballon then looked back to her.

        "I'am fine.....what is....all this?"


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          Athena smiled and finally answered.

          A party For dale!


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            I slowly walk into a room, and find a corner to sit in, not wanting to intrude on anybody. It had been long since I had seen my Mistress, and I was curious about what the exact nature of this party was. In any event, it will please me greatly to see her again, and whether she would feel the same way, would remain to be seen.....


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              Athena smiled and waved happily to morino. She then returned to finishing up the house and food.


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                He stood at a corner, watching Lady Athena rushing around putting up banners and balloons and finally getting the food.

                "Not half bad.."

                He wandered around the room toward the food.


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                  *LV enteres her room and begins to sift through the varrious messages waiting for her on her comm, when the smell of food wafts through the door.*

                  *Her eyebrow raises a bit. The kitchens were usually on a different floor. Curious, she steps out and begins walking down the hallway, following the scent.*

                  *Finally she stops at one of the rooms. As she recalled, this was Athena's room. The door was ajar, so she poked her head in. The sight that greeted her was of a happy room, filled with streamers and balloons... and on the far wall, food.*


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                    Athena saw her fav kitty friend poking her head in and eyeing her food. she laughed then called her name.

                    " LV come on in! there is food, and yes i shall share. "


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                      Bouncing a ballon on the top of his hand the Siths eyes were half shut as he looked on wondering what he was doing here. Many seemed to be flocking to the food table in a bid to gobble down the food Athena had cooked.

                      Unfortunately for the Sith such morsel's were not his idea of proper substance to support him. The Siths green eyes looked about floating from one person to the other wondering if any had a particular blood type he had recently become enamored with.


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                        Athena watched as LV and other started to eat the food. She then looked over at Jedah, a Vamp friend of hers. She then looked around and got some Blood wyne that she kept for when her sister Raz came around. Athena poured some into a glass and handed it to Jedah.

                        " Care for some? "


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                          His nose twitched as Athena came towards him with the blood that swooshed around in the glass catching his undamaged green eye in the deep red crimson that held him spell bound for an instant.

                          "Thank you my lady"

                          Taking the glass from her hands he took a good sip of the tasty crimson within. It was tasty. Very much so. Not as good or exciting as hunting down prey to drink from, however under the circumstances it would not look good on him if he had jumped a fellow sith to drink their blood.


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                            Athena heard that last bit of the thought.

                            " No i would not look good! "

                            Athena took a seat on the floor next to Jedah and waited for her sister Dale to come to the party she was having for the fact her sister was with child now.


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                              Dalethria stepped inside the room after wondering what was taking Athena so long in coming back to her's. It wasn't quite what she was expecting. The entire room was decorated in streamers and balloons for a party. Those people that were already here looked towards her and Dalethria suddenly became aware that her cheeks were burning.

                              "Um .. what's going on?" she asked as she looked to Athena and Jedah.