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In The End: returning home..

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  • In The End: returning home..

    Three long months had finally passed and above Munto Cudro was the triplets of fleets that Varlon had commanded, plus the twin Apocalypse command destroyers, vast cities upon themselves. But they were of no concern to a weary young man returning home to the one he loved.

    With a quiet hiss, the door to his and Oni's suite opened, silhouetting the young man. His hair had been out of its braid for the last weeks of the mission, as a silent tribute to his love, and to that he would return soon. Stepping inside, the doors closed again with their silent hiss. With a simple wave of his hand, the candles that decorated their suite lit, bathing the room in a gentle, warming light. After setting down his cloak, clothing bags, and his weapons, Varlon stripped off his shirt and entered into the bedroom in search of Oni Nuime.

    "Oni, love, I'm home." He whispered quietly as he looked throughout the bedroom

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    {| The figure sitting on the floor, with her back against the far side of the bed didn't move much at the sound of Varlon's voice. The only movement was her hand going to a pendant with a strange symbol and cresent moons on it that hung from a chain on her neck. Her eyes fluttered open slightly, yet she remained where she was, almost sure it was another one of her dreams. |}


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      He cautiously walked over to her and kneeled down, lightly touching his hand to her cheek. He resisted the urge to pull away when he felt how cold her skin had become, or how much she reminded him of women dying from one of many plagues he had seen in his time.

      "Oni, it's me. Varlon. You alright?" He said as he lifted her to her feet and hugged her to him.


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        {| The warmth she felt from his touch proved to her it wasn't a dream. But she couldn't bring herself to smile. She barely had enough strength to stand. And surely, if he hadn't been there, holding her to him, she would have fallen. Slowly she allowed her gaze to meet his, but it quickly returned to the ground as a few tears escaped from her eyes. |}


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          He gently smoothed back her hair with a hand before gently rubbing her back. Still holding her, he began to gently rock her in his arms with a gentle smile.

          "Yes, it's really me, love. I'm home.." He whispered, then kissed the top of her head. "And I don't plan on leaving you behind ever again."


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            {| Her eyes met with his again and she smiled slightly, but it was cut short as she suddenly turns to the side slightly, brought a hand up quickly, and coughed into it. She winced as she did so and glanced into her hand. Upon seeing the red of her own blood she brought her hand behind her, hoping he hadn't noticed the red liquid on her hand. |}


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              He frowned slightly and then picked her up gently, cradling her gently. With a slight kiss, he started towards the door, which parted with a slight hiss. "I'm taking you to the medical bay. You're in need of treatment, regardless of what you think.." He quietly whispered as he made his way out the door and started down the hall.


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                {| She didnt really protest, just cringed as she was exposed to the lights of the hallway and then the even brighter ones of the medbay. She squeezed her eyes shut and even brought a hand over them to try and stop some of the pain. |}


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                  After some quick, and particularly hostile tradeoffs with the medical staff, Var finally got Oni to the top of the to be treated list. After he lightly set her down, he pulled a pair of the specially designed sunglasses for her and put them on her since she was obviously weakened to a point he doubted she could herself. He gently hugged her as he heard the footfalls of an approaching doctor.

                  With a slight kiss to her nose, he whispered to her. "It'll be alright. I doubt you'll be here more than a day."


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                    {| Her head was slightly bowed as the doctor walked in. Throughout the examination she didn't look up. She just wanted it to be over with so she could go back to the room she had been staying in for the past three months. |}


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                      As Varlon watched his fiancée go under a small battery of medical tests, he flinched each time he saw a bruise flower on her body from the doctor's lightest touch. After that initial workup, he seemed content with his examination and turned towards Varlon.

                      "She's suffering from an accute case of malnutrition and dehydration, as well as a simple strain of the common flu," The older man said in a matter of fact tone, as if he didn't give a damn how either felt. "She'll be here overnight on nutritional suppliments and hourly doses of water to bring her back up to nominal levels." He hand't even finished his sentance and one of the nurses was already setting up the IV for the nutritional suppliments.

                      "Better have caf strong enough to burn through Star Destroyer hull plating doc, because I'm not moving." Varlon chirped up rather sternly. "And don't even try having security move me. Considering I tend to move them."

                      The slight paleing of the doctor's face signaled that he got the message, and rather clearly on top of things. After a quick chat with the nurse, they finished setting up Oni's IV and left to go tend to another patient.

                      Settling back at the edge of Oni's bed, Varlon gently smoothed back his love's hair again, sighing slightly. "I love you." He gently whispered to her with a faint smile.


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                        {| Her eyes refused to meet his again, her fingertips lightly running over her necklace again. She ignored the bruises forming on her body, the largest one forming where the IV was inserted. His words brought a small smile to her lips, but one that was hardly noticed. |}


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                          "Oni, you've been silent this entire time.. what's wrong?" He asked quietly while holding her slightly. "Not even a simple hello.. or an explination of what's going on.

                          "Please, tell me what's happened these three months.."


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                            {| She didn't mean to come off cold, her mind was elsewhere, and his words seemed empty and hollow, as if there was no meaning behind them. Her eyes met his and remained there this time. Her eyes were blank, as if all emotions had been drained from them. |}


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                              His slight smile was quickly overrun by a frown as his eyes searched hers for the Oni he had left a mere three months ago. His gaze continued to pry seemingly deeper, only to find nothing. When he looked away, a tear streamed down his face.

                              "Oni.." He quietly whispered. "Who did this..?"