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The Wall of The Past: the Hanging

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  • The Wall of The Past: the Hanging

    Tempist entered his quaters, his own personal forge with one clear wall, as well as a bed. He had planed for that wall to remind him of the simplicity he had come from, but upon recently he decided it would be the showplace of his special weapons, the best memories he had. He pulled out of his pocket a few hooks to place in the wall, and then the blades upon. He placed one in his hand, and slamed the barb into the wall, fastening one hook. He did the same with a few more, and then droped a bag on his bed. He drew two very special blades, one short and one long. The long one was named ****ai no Sawari, and crafted by his master. Tempist did not know what language it was in, but it translated into Sword of the Dead, a fitting name for it. The short blade, a rune dagger, was crafted by his father, one of the last remaining relics of the late Casious Opps. It had been left nameless for many years, untill it was stolen. Tempist had recently recovered it in a market place, and decided it was time to give the blade a title. He thought for a long moment, before drawing an etching tool. He made a deep marking, titling the dagger..... the newly named Honor. He hung Honor next to ****ai no Sawari, and drew one last blade..... The Broadsword that hung at his side. It was an amazing blade, crafted and used by his father, and one of the only blades in the galaxy strong enough to withstand the energy of a lightsaber. It was half serrated, by the base of the blade, and always kept razor sharp. Ainchent runes were etched into it, to which Tempist didnt even know the meaning. When he ran his fingers over them they seemed to have a faint glow, only for him, but faded after he stoped. He carefuly placed the blade upon the wall as well, and took a step back to see how it looked now.

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    He smiled to himself. Here his past would stay, in its entirety. He emptied his bag of everything he had from the market... the iron and gems to the gold in his pockets. He had a new weapon planed, somthing special, hopefuly a worthy replacement for his father's blade. He closed the door over, and began the blade. He forged a blade, and tempered it better than any other blade he had ever crafted, making it incredably strong. He removed the new blade from the water to cool it, and started adding a serration to the back end of the blade. When he was satasfied with the teeth on the back side of the blade, he started making a grip and hilt for it. He took a portion of the remaining iron and melted it down, this time adding carbon and gold to it. He carefuly formed a long arching hook at the end, that would act as a weapon and a guard. While the grip was still soft, he imbedded two stones into the handle, one blue and one green. He attached the handle to the blade, carefuly crafting the full tang blade. He took out an engraving knife, and started to carefuly chisel magical runes into it, meaning Death, Plague, Famine, and War. He cast an ainchent spell he had learned many years ago, and the runes took on a deeper meaning... the blade turned black to the hilt, which remained gold with the stones. He sharpened his new sword to a razor's edge. He stabed into the floor, and it seered into the ground, leaving a dark gouge as it went. He smiled, and cast a ward on his sheath, so it wouldnt burn through. He had a new favorite toy now...


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      Realizing he had iron and gold left,he decided to make a spare blade, somthing a little different from what he usialy does....

      He began to hammer out the shape of a long, narrow blade... a longsword. The blade was tempered and retempered, making it almost as strong as his own sword, maybe even equal to it. With the gold he crafted a hilt, and the center of a handle. The blade and handle were attached, also a full tang sword. He cut part of his bag out, and wraped the leather around the core of the handle, making a comfortable, solid grip. It was a well ballanced weapon, and very sharp too. He wiped it down in oil, to keep the blade perfect untill its final use.

      Suddenly, Tempist had the urge to spar, and see how his blades would hold up now. He left his quaters, and went to pick a fight...


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        *a worn looking demon approached tempist's rooms hoping to find him there*temps please be there..*she opened the door to find that tempist wasnt there.she looked aorund an found a chair to sit an wait for his return.demon sat down in the chair an immeditly feel aleep from exhaustion*