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  • Sleepless wandering..

    --Gitane sighed lightly as she paced down the hallway. She'd been feeling odd for most of the day and had just left Eve and Magus in Rama's. She bit her lip slightly, pausing and leaning back against a wall, her eyes sliding themselves shut. Something was off... Not wrong, just..different. She ran a hand through her hair and silently continued in her wanderings--

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    Holding Darius, who has been playing with the blue tips of her hair, Eve sighed as she walked through the halls of the HQ with Phantom.

    "We'll never find her, this place is so ..."

    She looked down at Darius and covered his ears.

    ".. Damn big."


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      He nodded slightly, one of his hands absently brushing through Galatea's hair.

      "Yeah. Knowing Gitane, she could be anywhere in here by now."


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        --Gitane sighed, letting her nails scratch along the wall. Her eyes were locked on the ground, lost in thought and unaware of the world around her. She growled at the feeling of hitting against something and sent her hand into the wall with a painful crunching of bones. Gritting her teeth, she plopped down, curling into a small fetus position in the corner she'd run into, grasping her hair--


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          After walking around constantly for what seemed like forever, he finally found Gitane.

          "Gitane..? Are you ok..?"


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            Remaining silent, following Phantom from behind, Eve looked at Gitane, holding Darius a little tighter.

            "Gi, you want us to go..?"


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              --Lifting her eyes slowly up to Eve and Magus, Gitane bent her head. She pushed herself slowly onto her feet and shook her head a bit.--

              "No....Don't go.."


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                He smiled lightly, looking down at the tiny, sleeping Galatea in his arms. He tilted his head back up to look at Gitane. Giving a small laugh.

                "She had a lot of fun with my ears..."


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                  Giving Darius to Phantom, Eve walked towards Gitane.

                  "Keep him for me."

                  She looked at Gitane and ran her hand over her blood sister's forehead.

                  "Are you sure you're ok ? I could call Vega, if you want .."


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                    --Gitane slowly nodded her head, closing her eyes wearily as she held her hand loosely with her other arm.--

                    "Please....Get Vega..."