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Two Warriors are admitted to Med Bay...

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  • Two Warriors are admitted to Med Bay...

    :: Dara walks in levitating an unconscious Tempist with Athena following just behind her. The two Warriors had just finished a rather impressive <a href=>spar</a>, and the Lordess had been summoned there by Athena to assist them to get medical attention. Dara lowers Tempist on one of the tables while motioning to Athena to take her place on another one across the room. Medic droids begin attending to the two Warriors as Dara looks on ::

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    Athena barked at the driods to leave her alone. They gave her a shot in the wrist to calm her as she looked up at her master. Her eyes still a ghost white.

    " Master Dara Did i kill him? "

    The driods started to reset her ankel and clean up her wrist. At the same time they wrapped her broken ribs. Athena pushed the driods from her and get back to her feet. Her master had shot her a look. Although Athena normally would comply she was not in control all the time now.

    Master Shadowtide moved and intercepted Athena before she (Athena) could get to Temp. The cold dark power from her master ran threw Athena.

    Her eyes shifted to her master.

    " Is he dead? "

    Dara ShadowTide : " Sit down ATHENA "

    Her voice rang into Athena's ears, she shook her head and did as told. Dara still had control over Athean weither Athena did or not.


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      Tempist's body began to reliquify slightly, not a good sign. His nearly severed hand was hanging on by a band of flesh only half an inch wide. One of the droids attempted to hook him up to an IV, but failed when it realized he was liquid, and wouldnt need any in him just yet. His hand seemed to melt back into his arm, and the five digits slowly appeared out from the nub again. His body began to turn into a solid form once more, this time holding its shape, and not dripping. The droid attempted to hook him to the IV again, and this time succeded. It then moved down to his leg, and began to cut it open to move the kneecap back down to where it should be. At about this time he started to stir awake. His eyes slowly opened, but he said nothing yet.

      edit: i forgot somthing


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        Athena watched as Temp shifted from one form to another. It was kinda trippy to watch. She looked at the fellow Warrior. Athena saw what she had done to Temp and frowned.

        " Master how did I do that? "

        Athena had never seen someones knee cap so broken and disjointed. She was almost sick.

        " I dont have that kind of power..." Her voice trailed off once she saw Temps eyes open.... Athena waited for him to say something. Although he didnt.

        " Temp are you ok? "


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          His vision was still somewhat blured, but he saw what he thought was a person talk to him. He recodnized the voice as that of Athena. Was he alright? He didnt even know. He glanced at his arm, expecting for his hand to be gone. To his suprize, it was perfectly intact, but hurt more now than it had during the battle. He turned to Athena, his eyes looking somewhat glazed over.

          "Im.... alive..... I think...."

          He shook his head slightly, and caught sight of his kneecap's new position. He was sure it hadnt been that high before.... the droid grabed the bone, and jerked it back down into its normal spot, while carefuly stiching the tendons back onto it.

          "You alright?"


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            Athena looked up as Temp spoke.. A sigh of relief came out.

            " Im fine Temp dont worry about me.. I was not the one the darkside tried to kill "


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              "No, instead you were an effective tool of it, and probably were injured in the process."

              He noticed her arm still bleeding from where his wrist had stabed her. He motioned for a droid to work on that instead. She was a very powerful fighter, for her to die from blood loss seemed like a waste, espicaly when it could be repaired.


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                Athena lifted her hand and let the driod start to work on it once more..She smiled at Temp...

                " Temp what the hell was that? I saw pictures of people saw kids then deaths. I felt pain like no other. I could taste and smell the death and fear. The anger was amazing. Something snapped and i lost my control over it all. "

                Athena's eyes where still a ghost white as if her eyes where gone.

                " I didnt mean to kick your knee into your hip... i promise "


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                  "Its alright, I know what its like. And besides, Ive had worse, just not recently. What you saw, was most of my life.That child in the begining, the small one who was disemboweled by a jedi, was my brother. The other two in the begining were my parents, also slaughtered by jedi. The many others that you saw dead were close friends of mine, as well as enemies mixed into the fold. That is just some of the darkness I fuel myself with in battle, usialy what I discharge into my opponent as well. You are different somehow, with everyone else they go insane or a vein in their neck blows untill I relieve them of the memories, but you.... you seemed to feed off of it more than I do...."

                  He could see the shadows dancing accross her eyes, looking a shade of greyish white that he handt seen in a long time. By this time, his leg was well enough for him to hobble around, so he was going to take advantage of that.

                  "Hold your hand out, this will help you greatly."

                  Athena held her hand out, palm up, and Tempist hobbeled over, taking her hand. Suddenly, the maddening images in her head seemed to disapear, still leaving an impression, but no longer as overwhelmingly powerful as they were. She closed her eyes, and Tempist looked onward, hoping that it had worked.


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                    Athena looked at Temp as he took her hand. Then as her eyes closed half of the memories that were playing in her mind left, but others were embedded there.

                    She opened her eyes once more and they were once more violet.

                    " what happened now? "


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                      " you only have a glimpse of my memories, enough for you to draw anger and energy from, but not enough to drive you mad. Now you should be able to control your abilities and body again as well. What is left is shadows of my life, now you know more about my history than even my master does. Now my actions and styles should make sense to you."

                      He smiled slightly, and hobeled back to his bed. The droids began to work on his leg once more, and his tail too. He felt the bones being reset, and a feeling of releif came over him. His tail was his best weapon, often helping his recoveries. Having use of that again would help him greatly.


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                        With a slight smile Athena looked at then spoke to Temp

                        " should i run in fear now? "


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                          :: Stepping around the corner to look in on the two Warriors, Dara sees that they are recovering quite well and walks over to speak with one of the medic droids while Athena and Tempistopps continue to talk ::


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                            He laughed at the coment, and the general thought of that. Not very likely.

                            "Haha, I could ask you the same"

                            A small smile crept accross his face, and he reached to his weapons pile. He had just forged a new blade before the spar, after he finished Black Blade. This one was a long sword, well tempered and razor sharp. He took out an etching tool and quickly scrolled in an old rune, one that Athena now knew from his memories. He held the sword out, offering it to her.

                            "This is for you now."


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                              Athena looked at the sword and smiled. When he offered it to her she took it with in her hands. Looking across the scrolling, she ran her fingers over the words.

                              " Wow you MADE this? "

                              She looked at the etched words in the sword...

                              " I can read it I just cant Understand it.. What does it say?"