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Feelings from long ago...

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  • Feelings from long ago...

    Daegal was sitting in his room, recovering briefly from his Training. He decided that it was finally time. Time to open the small jewelry box that had been locked for years. He could hardly even remember what the inside of it looked like.

    He took the key out of its small velvet pouch which hung upon his neck since the last day...

    He quickly opened the box and looked at what was inside. A pendant. He picked it up and touched it, recalling feelings from long ago...

    “Hurry up”, Daegal barked at his younger brother, Casey. Daegal, at 15, was three years his brothers senior. They were an odd pair, with Daegal being muscular and in great physical shape and Casey being extremely thin.

    “I’m trying, but I can’t keep up!” Casey whined. Casey wondered why they were in such a hurry to get home, and he was beginning to get quite mad at his older brother for constantly barking at him to hurry up. What could be so important that they rush home with such haste?

    They finally got to their father’s small little house in the slum section of the city. It looked as if it were just days away from collapsing entirely. They quickly entered the dark, dreary old building. The stairs creaked and groaned underneath their weight.

    They entered the living room. Once they were there, Daegal ordered Casey to stay in the room and not leave. He then went upstairs to his father’s quarters. He knocked quietly upon the door and when he received permission to enter, he walked into his father’s room.

    “He is here, as you have requested father”, Daegal whispered quickly. He was studying his father’s face, attempting to glean any hint of emotion, but failing miserably.

    “As I would have expected, Daegal”, his father replied curtly as he rose from his chair.

    The two made their way downstairs towards the living room. Although Daegal was quite tall and muscular for his age, he was extremely outclassed by his father. He was at least 4 inches shorter than his father and 75 pounds lighter. His father’s arms were nearly the size of Daegal’s legs.

    For this reason, both Daegal and his brother were extremely scared of their father. The eldest Murdoch had a habit of going on drunken rages, and with his overpowering size, there was no stopping him.

    They arrived in the living room and found Casey, looking quite distraught, was there as expected. He was going over his actions in the last few days looking for something, anything that his father and/or older brother could be upset about. He was afraid that he was going to be beaten, that was quite obvious.

    “Son, today, you become a man in the Murdoch family. Just as I presented Daegal with a gift and my father presented me with a gift on our twelfth birthday, I so present you with this gift.”

    He quickly reached behind his back and withdrew the Murdoch dagger and presented it to his youngest son.

    “This is one of only three in existence. I have one, Daegal has one and now you have the third. Use it with pride, my son. May it one day save your life.”

    “Thank you father, I shall use it with pride”, Casey said, extremely stunned that his father would present him with a gift that meant so much.

    Their father turned and went back upstairs to his quarters, hollering behind him that he did not wish to be disturbed.

    Daegal quickly turned to leave and was questioned as to his destination by Casey. His response was quite simple, “Stay here and don’t worry.”

    After much protesting by his younger brother, Daegal quickly exited the small, rundown shanty. He made his way up the street to a building even more rundown than his own house. He entered and was quickly met by two men, their clothing portraying the image of homelessness. However, they were guards. They quickly checked Daegal for a weapon and admitted him through the small, plain wooden door.

    He was soon in a room with low ceilings and a desk in the corner farthest from the door. A thick layer of smoke hung over the top of this room, and bottles of strange alcohol lay strewn everywhere.

    A man sat behind the desk, his small lean frame barely visible through the smoke. Daegal said quickly, “I am ready.” The man simply nodded and Daegal turned and left.

    He raced home and burst through the door, his brother bombarding him with questions as soon as he entered. He responded to none and made his way upstairs to the small, secluded room that was his quarters.

    He quickly packed some of his things in a small gym bag. Two sets of clothes, his family dagger, and his gold saber, which his grandfather gave to him before his passing. Lastly, he packed a small pendant. The pendant that his mother had gave him, just three months before to the day, a week before she died.

    Then he ran downstairs and out of his door for the final time.

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    Daegal quickly awakens from his dreamy state. He was looking back at the past again, something he had been doing more and more often. However, he did not like it.

    "I cannot dwell on the past", he kept telling himself.

    He told himself this again and quickly put the Pendant back in the box.