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Gitane is rushed to Med Bay..

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  • Gitane is rushed to Med Bay..

    :: After Gitane had appeared in the <a href=>Council room</a> disoriented and had fallen to the ground, Dara summoned a medic crew and she followed the droids that carried Gitane on a medic floating bed to the treatment area. Various wires were attached to the Warrior as a series of diagnostic tests began to be administered ::

    "No worries, Gitane. They will get you fixed up here."

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    :: hearing the noise in the medbay from down the hall and quickened his step to see what was up. ::

    What happened to her?


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      :: Dara looked over at Rama as he entered and then back to Gitane as she spoke ::

      "I don't really know but she was bleeding and couldn't stand. I'm hoping she will fill us in once she comes around."


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        "I don't think she will, my Lordess."

        Eve stepped into the medbay, holding her helmet in one hand. She looked at her blood sister sadly and shook her head.

        "I just don't think so ..."


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          --A stifled cough left her mouth as the girl slit her eyes open, jerking up to back away from those around her. Her eyes were wide with a mix of fear and confusion, gazing at the strange faces. She cringed, letting out a quiet whimper of pain. Finding her voice slowly, she managed to utter a few words.--

          "...W-where am I...?"


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            Galatea sneaked up from behind her aunt, Eve Siren. She smiled widely but then looked at her mother. Her eyes grew wide of fear, as her lips quivered.

            Mommy ... ?


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              --Her eyes averted to look at the small child, an odd feeling striking her heart. She grasped slightly at the table, closing her eyes to bow her head.--

              "Someone....tell me what's going on..."


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                After having had received a notice from one of the medical staff of the Empire that his wife had been recovered in the Council room by Lordess Dara, Vega had made his way quickly to the med bay. Stepping into the room to see Rama, Eve, Dara, Galatea and Gitane on the metallic table in the center of the room, Vega sighed heavily. Gitane had obviously not yet been treated fully for her wounds that Vegaa had given her.

                Gitane...? he said quietly, stepping forward a few paces cautiously.


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                  --A soft growl left her mouth as the woman moved her gaze to the man. She shoved herself from where she rest, ignoring her various wounds as she stood in a ready stance. A strange reflex clicked in her mind as her hand shot out, pulling a stretcher to crash against the blond man. She looked around and darted from the room without a single word.--


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                    Catching the table with a simple cast of his hand to cease its movement using the Force, Vega cursed under his breath and turned on the ball of his foot, moving out after Gitane seemingly dismissing the presence of the others.