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  • Dreams of a Madman

    Closing his eyes wrapped up in the warm sheets that blanketed his bed, he drifted off into a deep sleep.

    Rising silently in a dark forest, he looked around at the surroundings that enclosed him. Finding it somewhat familiar, he walked around silently, trying to find out exactly where he was.

    Coming to a clearing in the forest, and looking around at the various mountain tops and trees, he finally found where he was.


    He ran out of the clearing and back into the forest. Blazing past the trees as he ran to what he thought would be the Royal Palace where he came from so long ago.

    "Mother...Father...I'm coming!"

    He ran out of the clearing, breathing heavily from the light workout he had just recevied. But instead of the glorious Palace where it had once been, he only found a torn down building burning with several small fires.

    "Father...! Mother!"

    He quickened his pace towards the burning Palace. Closing his eyes and bringing his arms in front of himself, he burst through the front door, trying to find his parents. he ran upstairs but to no avail. He tryed downstairs, but again, no luck. Finally he checked the back celler, where he found his parents trapped in a back corner.

    "Father! Mother! NO!!"

    His cries were no help, as the flames swarmed in swiftly on the crying figures of his parents. He watched horrified as their helpless screams of agony filled the air over the crackling fire.


    He suddenly burst up from the sheets on his bed, a cold sweat running off him as he breathed heavily. He pulled them off and walked silently to the sink. Running some cool water through the faucet, he dipped some in his hands and washed it over his face, wondering what had just happened...

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    He stood within his room, looking at himself in a mirror. His shirtless upper body had several various scars along his tanned skin. His blue-grayish eyes looked into the mirror at himself. His new self.

    He muttered through the Force towards the direction of his sister, Eve.

    "Sister...can I request something of you...?"