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    *Walking down the hallway, MnT sighed inaudibly, grateful that they had not run into anyone, who might be curious as to why he was not wearing his trenchcoat, something he had rarely been seen without in the past few months.. Turning a corner, MnT nodded his head in the direction of one of the doors. A quick glance at the sign beside told her it was indeed the storage area..*

    ... Well then, are you adamant in your wish for merely a rope? As I mentioned earlier, my offer still stands, and it would be no trouble..

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    Lara shook her head and gave a little smile. Giving a glance at the sign besides her, she coughed discreetly. A small cold ... Nothing important.

    "I'll be fine, please do not worry."


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      *Requesting, and recieving, a large bundle of the store's best rope, MnT nodded, and replied..*

      ... If that's all you wish, than I supposse It's not my place to argue, ne?

      *With a smile, he then nodded back down the hallway, motioning in the direction his room was in, and the two continued to walk..*

      *About 12 minutes later, once they'd arrived, MnT held his hand to the id-scanner, which was replied to by the door opening silently into the wall..*

      ... I believe it should be fairly clean, but if you wouldn't mind, I'd like to go in for a quick moment, and make sure no weapons are lying about where they could prove a hazard..

      *At her nod of approval, he entered. The dark blue painted added a very dark touch to the fairly simple layout.. As he walked down the hall, he looked to the left, and the section that was opened out to function as a Living room. He had only used it when designing and building new weapons, or new additions to his clothing, and weapons.. As he hadn't made anything in a while, the room was only furnished with a couch, and a japanese-style table.*

      *As he continued, the kitchen to his right was of rather simple design, a black metal table built for four, the right number of chairs surrounding it, all of the same design. Fridge, stove/oven, dishwasher, sink, and counter all along one wall, with a large window on the other... On the other side of the hallway from the kitchen was the bathroom, larger than one might expect, but not enough to seem awkward..*

      *Finally, at the end of the hallway, was the door to his room. He was glad to see he had not left any weapons lying about, but opened the door, to make sure they were all indeed put away.. *

      *Looking in, his dresser was the first thing he noticed, with the extensive weapons rack he had fashioned for all his swords and other assorted martial-arts type weapon. Most were ancient, and had seen enough blood spilled to them in their time, and therefore, he would never dishonor the weapons by using them in combat. Along the far wall, was another window, one that almost stretched the entire length of the wall. It offered a beautiful view of the forest during the day, and the sky at night. Beneath the window was his bed, nothing special, as he had no Need for anything special.. All else in his room was merely a closet, and a bookshelf.. *

      *Coming back out into the hallway, MnT smiled, and nodded to Lady Lee, gesturing that it was ok to come in now..*


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        Lara walked in and looked around. She smiled at the design and the dark blue walls. She followed the Knight into his room.

        "What a lovely room, my Knight. I wonder why you said nobody ever comes."

        She entered his room and glanced around. It was not like any other rooms she sneaked into. She walked closer to MnT and looked up. Perfect Height for the rope.

        "Now, if you don't mind two wholes in your walls."

        Lara jumped up and threw one end of the rope into the wall, turned around in her jump and threw the other end in the opposite way wall. She landed, with a small grin on her lips. She turned her gaze on MnT.

        "I'll sleep on the rope."


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          *A curious look not hidden from his face, MnT watched as she erected what she was planning on using as a bed.. As far as he could tell, she was planning on sleeping across it, and retaining balance that most people couldn't keep, when Concious... If she could indeed sleep like that, he would truly be impressed.. He did not have altogether too much faith that even he could do that..*

          ...Well, Lady Lee, I rarely have guests here, as I have not found much occassion to make friends here in the Empire.. I supposse I'm somewhat of a loner in that aspect..


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            "A nice man like you, a loner ? I thought girls would have a hard time not putting their hands all over you, my Knight."

            Lara jumped up and landed on the rope, lying on her side, putting her hand on the side of her head. She looked over her shoulder, out the window, it was still day ... Wondering what MnT is going to do now, she asked.

            "What are you planning to do now ?"


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              *Blushing just slightly at the comment, MnT shook his head, smiling..*

              ... No, I just am not a terribly social person.. I don't converse well in groups, which is how most people here are usually found..

              *Watching her jump up, almost instantly balancing herself sideways along the rope, MnT smiled.. Quite impressive..*

              ... I haven't actually decided yet.. I would not be adverse to staying in, and talking with you.. Provided you'd not mind that..?


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                Lara smiled and shook her head briefly. She sat up on the solid rope and looked down to MnT, tilting her head on the side slightly.

                "Of course not ... I must be thanking you for letting me stay."


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                  *Smiling, he sat down on the edge of his bed, shook his head slightly, and replied..*

                  ... Think naught of it, tis my pleasure... I must ask though, as I am curious... Where are you from, and why are you so afraid of being seen here..?


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                    "I ...."

                    Hesistant, Lara looked down. Umm ... Her past wasn't that strange, after all and besides, she owed him at least an explanation.

                    "I don't know where to start ..."


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                      Yurza walks up to his master's room and knocks on the door waiting to enter. He wanted to see if that lady was still here so he could thank her.

                      "Is anyone there?"


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                        Startled by the knocking at the door, Lara got down the rope and glanced around for a place to hide. Nowhere. She began to panic as the door opened but quickly ran behind it so she would hide behind the open door. She looked at Mnt and shook her head briefly. She didn't want to be seen by anyone at all.



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                          *A quick action, almost more instinct and reflex than anything, threw a shield of force invisibility over her.. He'd managed to develop the technique to the point where anyone with less force ability than himself couldn't sense it, but also couldn't see what was under it.. *

                          ... Yurza, hello.. How may I help you?


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                            Lara remained silent under her shield of force invisibility. Hoping the hurt Apprentice of earlier won't stay too long, she leaned against the wall, staring at the Knight and his apprentice.


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                              Yurza walked a little ways into the room.

                              "Well actually I was looking for the lady who bandaged me up yesterday. I wanted to thank her. Do you think you can tell her that for me?"

                              Yurza waited for his master to answer and after seeing that he would deliever the messag he bid Miryan a good night and left the room.