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*A whisper..* (Dale)

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  • *A whisper..* (Dale)

    " ... Master... I have hopes to return soon.. Until then, please judge and deal with my apprentice, Master Yurza, for me.. I ask this of you for it has been too long already since I sensed him entering combat, I know naught of how it resulted, and I do not know when I will be able to reward or punish him myself.. If you do not wish to do so, at least let him know that it will not be all too long before I can see him.. I thank you master.."

    *As suddenly as it had entered, the psychic transmission left Dalethria's mind.. Reaching out, she could not sense her apprentice at all, anywhere.. Just as it had been since his dissapearance, it felt as if Miryan no Trunks no longer existed.. However, this message was a fairly convincing sign that this was not the case..*

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    Her Apprentice was missing for sometime now ... it was easy to presume the worse but Dalethria never doubted that Miryan would return someday.

    As she listened to daily reports in the Council Room, she permitted a smile to cross her face ... confusing the Tech that was speaking before her.

    "I shall do as you ask, my Apprentice. I will want to see you as soon as you recover."

    Dalethria sent that quickly before she completely lost contact with Miryan and returned her focus to her current duty before another one would need taken care of.