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When the past catches up with you.

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  • When the past catches up with you.

    *Raine sat in his room, a place he had rarely left since his return to the Empire a few months ago. In front of him sat a small wooden box, one which hadn't been opened since he had left for home that one time.

    To anyone who had known Rain13 and now had spoken with the Sith Knight known as Raine Sarin, they would easily have noticed the changes, not just the physical, but the mental. The way the young man spoke, walked, everything: it all had changed. No longer when he walked down the hall with the portraits of past Sith Lords would he stop and bow to the picture of Darth Maul, the man Rain13 had called "grandfather". Instead part of him wondered why he was honored, questioned it, was angered by it. "One who ended like that should not be looked upon as 'great'. Stupid mistake...was too cocky." Raine would mutter bitterly as visions of red meeting blue and green flashed in his mind that brought a twinge of anger and pain.
    At least it wasn't met with questions, like it was before. Raine now fully understood who he was. What he was. What he was made to be. But it hadn't worked out the way it was supposed to.
    Raine smirked and glanced down at a picture he had taken out of the box of two young Zabrak girls. One looked as a girl should for that species, her hair tied back so that her horns were shown, already having some of the light tattoos she would adorn the rest of her life. The other girl however, looked sickly, her blue hair, scattered across her head, was a violent contrast to the rest of the picture. And then there were her eyes, dull, grey, blank. The sight of those eyes brought a chill to the young man as if she was staring at him, accusing him of something only those deemed "mad" might understand.
    He promptly tore the picture into shreds.

    Raine laid back and stared up at the ceiling, letting out a heavy sigh. His future, his past, the present, all of it was so jumbled up. And two members of this Empire he had been watching, silently, unnoticed, muttering at the fact he was so like them, and yet so different. He narrowed his eyes and frowned, continuing to stare at the ceiling as he absentmindedly ran a hand over a large scar that was like a ring around his midsection. He caught himself doing it and stopped at his side, knowing the scar continued along his back, to his other side, and would meet where his hand was now. He frowned and sat up.

    He was letting things get to him again, sheer coincidences and dreams. Things he had read in that data-pad long ago couldn't be true. He refused to believe it. He didn't care what had happened before, who he was before. Things had changed, it was the will of the Darkside and he would leave it at that. Now if only the dreams and what seemed to be memories would leave him.*

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    :: Sith Lordess Dara Shadowtide Rayial was walking slowly back to her quarters after a long day on the Training Grounds. Her black leather boots treaded in silence as her saber hilts dangled to and fro from her belt. Attuning herself to the power of the Dark Side, the Lordess felt a familiar presence nearby.

    Identifying the force signature as that of her very first apprentice Rain13/Raine Sarin, Dara found her thoughts wandering to the <a href=>training session</a> which now seemed like so long ago.

    So much had changed since she had come to the Empire, yet some things had remained the same. An evil grin spreading across her lips, Dara decided to pay a visit to Raine, something which was long overdue ::


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      *Raine was preparing for another one of his day long meditational trances when he sensed a familiar presence. He smirked, which was about as close to a sign of happiness that Raine showed anymore. He waved a hand and the darkened room was lit by candles and the few scraps of torn photo were tucked away under his bed, along with the box. He hadn't had any visitors since he had returned to the Empire. He glanced around, making sure everything was in somewhat order before motioning with his hand again, bringing two chairs away from the wall and near a small table.
      Before Dara could even knock the door was opened and Raine took a seat in one of the chairs.*

      "I doubt that you are surprised to learn that I have learned to sense things such as this. I know of your intentions, Master. And I assure you, they are quite welcomed."

      *He smirked again*

      "Then again, being able to speak with you is always welcome and looked forward to."


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        :: As Dara raised her hand to knock on the door, her knuckles met with only air as the door slid open to reveal her apprentice seated at a small table smirking. Dara lowered her hand and smiled, entering the candlelit room as she walked over to where Raine was sitting ::

        "Hello Raine. No, I am not surprised that you can now sense my approach and some of my thoughts. I have always been rather forthcoming in watching over all of my apprentices, but you know me better than most and have hopefully grown accustomed to that. I have always been very proud of you Raine, even in the very beginning I knew you possessed a strength and destiny like no other."

        :: Taking a seat across from the Sith Knight, Dara studied him. Raine Sarin was still the loyal apprentice that she had always known, however she sensed he was battling some sort of inner conflict. Perhaps he would put aside his quiet ways and speak with her about it ::


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          *Raine smirked again, knowing he could not hide anything from his Master.*

          "I have been having strange dreams again."

          *He figured that was a good enough answer for now. Dara was one of the few that knew of Raine's past and the significance of his "dreams".*

          "However, it is nothing that I can not deal with. They have just been very vivid lately."


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            "The dreams have returned?"

            :: Dara searches her memory and remembers the last time Raine had dreams of this magnitude.. the change occurred.. what could be next.. She looked into his eyes ::


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              *Raine called a shot glass and a bottle of a greenish substance to his hands. He set them down before doing the same to a tall glass and a bottle of white wine which he set down before his Master, so that if she wished she could help herself. As he went to answer her question he reached into a drawer to his side and pulled out a small spoon, a small container of water and a bowl with sugar cubes. He sighed and then finally spoke, while pouring the emerald green drink into the glass, putting the a sugar cube onto the spoon and then lightly drizzling water over the cube, the sugar water then trickling into the glass through the opening in the spoon in the shape of a skull and crossbones.*

              "They are not the same dreams, mind you. Different in matter. It's often a battle I see, between someone, I presume to be myself, and two Jedi. I kill one of them, however, the outcome is not as appealing."

              *As he spoke the sugar cube melted away, leaving the drink in the glass an opalescent green*

              "I do not think I have anything to worry about. That is, unless the scar that has formed in the past month suddenly decides it would rather be an open wound."

              *He smirked and then put the spoon and container of water down before taking a sip from the shot glass*

              "But I doubt that will happen."


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                :: Dara finished pouring a glass of white wine and then looked back over at Raine again ::

                "Scar? How did the scar come to form, my apprentice? Were you wounded in a spar, or during one of your training sessions with an apprentice?"

                :: She lifted the glass and took a long sip of the chilled to perfection wine before returning her gaze to his eyes ::


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                  *Raine shook his head slightly*

                  "No, Master. It just has appeared. My spars have been somewhat brutal, but I have never obtained a wound that would have caused it. And in truth, I haven't heard from any of my apprentices in a long while, many of them have left. It has become rather dull, to be honest, though meditation has occupied most of my time."

                  *He took another drink from the glass in front of him*


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                    :: Dara nods and then an idea begins to form. The Lordess may have just thought of an idea to assist her apprentice.. give him a task ::

                    "I see. If you will excuse me one moment please."

                    :: She rose from her chair and stepped just outside his door, sending an encrypted messaged on her comlink and then walked over to the table and sat down once again as her eyes flashed crimson in the dimly lit room ::

                    "I think I might have a task for you, my apprentice. Something to occupy your time, serve the Empire, demonstrate your skills to me, and even assist me personally. Are you interested?"

                    :: Dara takes a long sip of her wine and then looks back into his eyes ::


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                      *Raine's face remained fairly emotionless as he took another sip of the drink and then looked up*

                      "Indeed I am, my Master. I am always willing to aid you in any way."


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                        ~Sitting in her room in HQ, which didn't feel as familiar as the Princess would like it to, Alisa received an encrypted message to meet Lordess Dara Shadowtide Rayial at sector 3, quarters 2398. Not knowing why her Master wanted to see her, the Disciple knew it must be something important and left her room to make her way there.

                        As Alisa walked down the hallway, she noticed the holomurals of all the Sith Masters and Leaders of the Empire throughout its history.. many names, many legends. Turning once right and then again left, she came to the correct room and rang the bell as a single tone sounded. She looked around up and down the hall while she waited for someone to answer~


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                          *Raine glanced up upon hearing the bell sound, it was a noise he was unused to and it somewhat caught him off guard. His gaze returned to his Master and he smirked, knowing that whoever it was, and whatever they wanted, it probably had something to do with Dara. He waved a hand and the door opened. He took another sip of his drink before glancing back up and seeing who it was. Raine wasn't terribly surprised to see it was Alisa, however he still found it slightly odd, having never have had this many visitors at one time.*

                          "Good evening, lady Sha, please enter. I have no doubt in my mind that it was our Master that called you here."

                          *He glanced back over at Dara and smirked again.*


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                            :: Dara looked back over at Raine and smiled with a slight chuckle, and then motioned for Alisa to join them at the table ::

                            "Greetings Alisa. I shall come to the point without hesitation as to why I summoned you here."

                            :: Dara looks at Raine ::

                            "My first apprentice, it has been too long since you have instructed a disciple of your own. If you were actively training someone perhaps the restlessness would subside and maybe the answers to your dreams would reveal themselves as you work closely immersed in the dark art of training."

                            :: The Lordess looks upon Alisa ::

                            "You would still remain my apprentice, Alisa, but you would become Raine's apprentice as well in this next segment of your training. I have also sensed a change in you since your return from your journey. I believe that in working together, the two of you can unlock that which eludes explanation and at the same time, work to increase your skills and dedication to the Dark Side for the glory of the Empire."

                            :: Dara stands and looks at them both ::

                            "Do you both accept the task I put forth to you?"


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                              *Raine looked over at Alisa and then returned his attention to Dara*

                              "I have no arguments against it."