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  • the everlasting gaze

    Tempist sat in his room, after returning from his trip to tatooine. He had done much there, and finaly beaten Alpha after his second try. He sat on his bed, resting from the trip. He had caught a ride back to HQ on a freighter that passed through Sith space. The hot desert air had made him think deeply, and from thiese thoughts he drew questions and daydreams. His parents never told him where they were from, or even what species he was. He was always told that he was a shapeshifter, nothing specific. Whenever he asked how that could have been, his parents changed the subject. Why had he not seen anyone like him anywhere else in the universe? What language were the runes etched into his father's blade, and what did they mean? Where did he come from? It had been so long since he left his planet, he couldn't even remember where it was. His memories were a shattered, mixed mess of broken peices and fragments. He remembered his parents talking of a man named Dr. Shuck, and speaking of high regard to eachother about him. He had never met this man, and wondered who he was. He wondered about more emediate things, like Demonnight, his forge, his training..... He would have to ask MnT if he could resume his training soon, he had done much on his own, but felt he needed his master's help.

    Tempist stared off into empty space for a long time, pondering thiese things, and many others.

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    Knocking on the door, sieken took a quick peek in the door,Tempis looked un-happy and a little out of it...i steped in the door and stood there my arms crossed, across my waist...

    'How are you tempis....didnt you beat Alpha?...its a victory...why do you look un-happy?'


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      "Thinking so much can't be healthy."

      A faint smile appeared on Taja's face as she stepped before the doorway, bowing slightly to Sieken. She addressed him simply, "Greetings, Warrior Kasstra."

      Turning her attention back to Tempist, she leaned against the frame of the door. The Warrior was an old acquaintance, and she didn't fear letting down her guard to some degree around him. Perhaps she could even dare call him a friend. Her encounter with Morino earlier had proved to be both fearful yet enlightening all at once, one of the more positive outcomes being her newfound courage to speak more openly than had been possible in the past. Rather than sit around and brood about these new feelings, however, she decided to take her own advice and instead pay a visit to one of her few Sith peers she felt at ease with, and now it concerned her that he seemed so distraught.


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        Tempist was burried deeply in his thoughts, and jumped slightly when Sieken spoke. He snaped out of it, and looked twards the doorway, where he stood. The figgure of someone familiar appeared behind him, and Tempist quickly recodnized Taja Loraan. He forced a slight smile at their concern, but he couldn't keep it long. His head felt like it was going to explode from all the confusion.

        "..yes, but a victory in the physical world is nothing compaired to one in the mental realm...." He began to trail off with his answer, but he quickly got back on track. "On tatooine, I realized how little I know about myself. I dont even know what race I am, or where I came from. Even the blade that I had used for so many years is a riddle to me, simply because of who it's maker is...." After a few moments of silence, he looked up twards the two with an odd question. "......have either of you ever heard of a man named Dr. Cory Shuck?"

        He didnt expect either of them to know of this man, since he had a feeling that he had been dead long before Tempist was even born, and that was generations before either Taja or Sieken.


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          Re: ...

          Shaking his head slowly, I wonderd of Tempis' health...had he been hurt...injured or ill??...

          'No..tell me of him'


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            Re: ...

            "When I was small, I heard my parents speak of him often. The praise they gave to that man's name often astounded me, although I had never met him. I think he probably had somthing to do with them, but I dont know much about him."
            His eyes seemed distant, as if stuck in the name. Why would anyone hold a man in such high regard as they had? Only another question to add to the list.


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              *demon walked past taja into temps room*hello tempist*walks over and sits down on the floor close to him*i thought i would come and visit with you..and to answer the questions you wanted to ask


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                Tempist smiled as Demon entered, it had been a while since they had spoken, and he did have several inquiries for her. Since they were questions for her alone though, he asked her via the force so no one else could hear these few.

                I missed you, where have you been? What happened between us, and how can I fix it? I just want things to be like they were again.

                He stared into her eyes as he asked these questions, helping to add meaning to his words.


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                  *demon smirked at tempist* that i will say right now..i will apologize to you...i'm sorry for hurting for feelings and you dont have to fix anything..i will be leaving verra soon,for home..*demon fidgeted*oh nevermind..*stands up next to tempist*maybe later when your guest have left i will explain eveyrhing to you i swear.*demon began to pace restlessly*


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                    OOC: I'm assuming that Demon's last post was telepathic as well.

                    As a wandering student, Taja had studied the traditions of many a world before finding her place here within the Sith hierarchy. Inevitably during these travels she encountered faces of all standings, but socializing was not something she practiced outside of necessity. Although the knowledge never abandoned her, those same faces melded with one another out of recognition, and with them their names. She could do no more now than listen.

                    The Warrior felt someone brush against her shoulder and walk past, ignoring Taja completely. Her eyes followed the visitor, speculating whether to greet her. The opportunity never arose.

                    Though she showed no signs of these unintentional thoughts, she could almost feel what the two were conversing of through their psychic bond. Her mind was her most powerful asset, but in cases such as this it proved taxing to continuously bar the voices. Normally Tempist and his guest's voices of the mind would be indistinguishable when woven in with her own, but in this instance their expressions alone told the entire story. Demon was apparently agitated at her arrival and desired to speak to the Warrior in privacy.

                    Sir Sieken ... we should leave. Taja's thought touched with his, and she nodded before turning to Tempist. "Pardon my haste in departing, but other matters require my presence at this time. I hope to hear of yourself at a later date, sir." Bowing, she left.


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                      *demon looked over at taja and smiled somewhat*'s no problem really


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                        After Sieken and Taja left, Tempist looked at Demon. His gaze softened a little, happy to see her. It had been a while since they had a chance to really talk to eachother, and he felt it was long past due.

                        "So, where have you been?"


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                          heh, at home on Chaos.....helping the war kno me *demon winked at tempist* So what have you been up to temps?*demon looked down at her scuffed combat boots*


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                            "A massive self training session in my master's absence, as well as this"

                            He removed Black Blade from it's scabbard at his side, the magnificant weapon it was. His quaters had changed some since she was last here too, the formerly empty wall now covered in the weapons of his past, and some from the present.

                            "Also, in my training, I found time to think, and I have learned now that I truly know very little about myself."

                            ooc: see the wall of the past for more info on black blade and the wall if you'd like.


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                              *demon looked the blade over.She whistled* this is buetiful temps.*demon looked over at the far wall and looked athe weapons* you know so little about yourself hmm?*demon kneels down in front of him and smirks*..really?