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  • Awaken

    Darius sat brooding in his room, silent. For a child of only one human year he had the intellect of a sage. His Lupine genes also gave him the added spurt in physical growth quickly, meaning he now looked not 1, but 7 or 8. For this evening he was not playing with childs toys, but instead a weapon. The crimson lightsaber his father had made for him some time after his birth lay on the table by his HQ bed. He himself lay on his bed on his side, looking at the thin cylinder.

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    --Gitane walked silently through the halls, her fingers trailing over the wall as she looked at the floor. It had been such a slow day.. She paused as her fingers touched against a door, looking at it for a long moment before tapping lightly against it, speaking against the crack--

    "Darius..? Are you in there?"


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      The door opened at Darius's whim. Though he had not yet been trained as a Sith, his father had imbued him with the knowledge of basic Force manipulation and such trivial tasks as opening things were an excellent use for these talents.

      "Come in, mother," he said, sitting up sideways on his bed. He smiled slightly.

      "What brings you here?"

      Speaking he sounded like his father trapped in the body of a young boy - knowledgable inside yet on the outside an infant.


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        "I was just curious if you were around."

        --A thin smile creased her lips as Gitane walked over to stand in front of her son. Even if he was Lupine, it still surprised her how quickly he was growing. With all the time Vega had been spending with him, she'd barely had the chance to be with him. It was time for some "bonding"--


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          "I only just got here. I was having fun with one of father's apprentices in Rama's Corner," he grinned toothily.

          "I talked to a lot of other Sith there. They weren't powerful though. None of them were good enough."

          Darius patted the bed beside him and bounced on it a little, gesturing for Gitane to sit down.

          "What have you been doing, mother? Training?"


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            --She paused a moment as she said, staring at the floor with a near-blank expression. What had she been doing? She'd been reading...studying Sith Sorcercy.. She'd been gone many months, during her memory loss... She'd given birth to his brother. Her head shook slightly as she looked at him--

            "I'm glad you're fitting in.."


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              "There's no one else my age here, only one girl who I met. Everyone will think I am weak because I am younger."

              The young Lupine pouted, swinging his feet as they dangled off of the edge of the bed.


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                --She wrapped her arms lightly around him in a brief hug--

                "What about your brother and sister?"


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                  "Sister doesn't like me, and I don't like brother. He's just baby."

                  He groaned under his breath and leant his head against his mothers shoulder for a moment, perking up slightly as a thought came into his head.

                  "Did I show you my lightsaber father made for me?"


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                    --Gitane lifted an eyebrow, shaking her head and folding her arms over her chest.--

                    "I don't think I have.."


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                      Leaping up off of the bed Darius snatched up the metal hilt off of the cabinet and juggled it in between his hands for a second. He took an overly exaggerated stance, with his right leg back behind him, left lowered infront. Holding the saber in his right hand out to the side, he rose his left hand palm forward infront of him at arms length.


                      The red beam crackled to life, leaping from it's sanctuary out into the open - only for the second time, ever. Darius moved it back and forth.

                      "Look see, I'm just as good as father with it."


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                        --She laughed softly, watching Darius make a show of the saber. She clapped softly and stood up, tilting her head--

                        "Aye, you are, Son."


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                          He poked the tip of the weapon forward a little, weaving it from left to right.

                          "Come on, mother. Fight me!"

                          He grinned widely, edging back and forth in a typical fencers position.


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                            --Another laugh left her mouth as Gitane unlatched her saber, looking at it for a moment before again at Darius.--

                            "I don't want to hurt you.."


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                              "You're just afraid of me," he said, flicking the saber about, his inherited ego showing slightly.

                              He cackled, lunging forward at Gitane.