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Bringing in Eve from the Battle...

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  • Bringing in Eve from the Battle...

    [i] Sipharus walks into the medbay with Eve Siren, who was unconscious in his arms, but wrapped in his trenchcoat from the weather...he takes her to a table and places her on it, and looks at her as she lays there...wondering who attacked her...

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    ::Chaos rushes down the TSE's halls. He pushes anyone in his path out the way. In his sleep he had a dream in which Eve was hurt. He knew, by the feeling in his gut, that she was. He had to get the medbay. he had to get there fast. He got to the room where he could feel her the strongest. He entered the room to see her on a table. Chaos quickly cut on the medical droids and sent them to his fallen friend. Chaos saw the other Sith there. One he had not met.::

    "Thanks for bringing her back. While your here help me clean her wounds. They will get infected if we don't."

    ::Chaos tossed the other a warm, wet rage. He went to work cleaning the visable wounds.::

    "What happened to her?"


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      Vega loomed in the threshold of the medbay, watching Sipharus and Chaos fuss over Eve, a slight smirk on his lips.


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        ::Chaos felt Vega near-by. A smile inched across his face.::

        "Come on in pretty-boy, you can help as well."


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          *As he wipes the blood from a wound on her face he looks to Chaos, then to Vega...*

          "I was just on my way back...I dont know what happened to her..."


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            Vega resisted the urge to lash out at Chaos and instead grinned, walking across to the medbay table.

            "I'm sure she doesn't need my help. She's a survivor."


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              ::Chaos got up from the table were Eve was. He walked to the door.::

              "If you think she will be fine, then she will be fine Lord Vega. I trust your judgement. Let her know I was here when se wakes up. Later dude."


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                Eve coughed and smirked at Vega's comment. Though she was weak, she still found the strength to thank him, and everyone else.

                "Thank you, Lord Vega ..."

                Then she looked at Sipharus and smiled lightly.

                "You too, Sipharus. Thanks for pulling me out of there ..."


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                  Athena heard the two rush to Eve. Athena was out side the Medbay when she heard Eve speak.

                  " Get the hell up Eve. I know you better then this, you are not one to sit and soak in the MedBay. Plus you and I have a date with some drinks tonight... Or is that tomorrow? "

                  Athena smiled at her friend.

                  " Are you ok Eve?"


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                    "Heh. Of course I am."

                    Eve grinned back at Athena and nodded.

                    "We gotta go shopping too, boo .."


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                      " No kidding i need new boots. And it looks like you need a new Jacket. "

                      Athena smiled once more at her friend. " Come and find me when you are ready to leave and what not Eve."


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                        Eve laughed slightly as she sat up slowly. The pain was still there, but less burning.

                        "We're gonna be late if we don't shop soon, boo ... I may be wounded, but it doesn't mean that I can't be cute at the same time."


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                          Vega watched the two women with a raised eyebrow, laughing slightly as he waved one hand and turned away, satisfied that Eve was fine now.


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                            I had been watching the whole time from the show of the door way, my force signature blocked from the rest of them.

                            Seeing Vega turn i walked on down the coridor i smerked and shook me head, lighting a candle with a wave of my hand to light my way.


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                              Athena smiled and grabbed her jacket. " Alright then Eve, lets move. "

                              (OOC Hey you want to make a thread at SWfans or something here?)