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  • medbay

    Tempist crawled into the medbay. He wasn't too badly messed up, just in a world of pain. His unique genetic make-up was a gift and a curse; he could heal back nearly severed limbs, but the bacta tank did absolutley nothing for him. All that would work was time and stiches... sometimes not even the stiches would help.

    The droid took an exray of Tempist's back, as it did with the rest of his body. Nothing broken, just a missing spine. Apparently Jehova's weapon had killed the cells and replaced them with pure energy... somthing new for him to focus into an attack. He fell into a deep sleep, and rested for a few hours, hoping that it would help. He couldn't move his tail or legs from pain, which would fade and discipate with time.

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    :: Walking back to her quarters, Dara spotted a trail of blood which led to the medbay. Following the dried crimson residue, Dara made her way into the medbay. Once inside, the Sith Lordess saw tempistopps on the table undergoing medical attention for injuries he must have recently received in a battle somewhere. Not wanting to disturb his rest, she stepped over to a medic droid and nodded at the report of the Sith Warrior's status which revealed he would heal in time, although he might never again be the same ::


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      His eyelids began to move violently, apparently having a nasty dream, or perhaps just an unplesant memory. Tempist shot straight up, awake and breathing heavy. Perhaps the energy was having some other effects on him now... he looked around and saw Dara talking to a nearby droid.

      "Hey, what brings you here?" he said, with a light laugh in his voice.


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        :: Dara gave a wry smile ::

        "Well, I was going to find out who was leaving a trail of blood down the halls of the Empire.. and most importantly to find out why I wasn't included in the blood bath. But then I saw it was you."

        :: She stifled a small laugh ::

        "So, tough day on the battleground?"


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          "Not too bad, just repaying some..... unfinished bussiness."

          Tempist explained what happened in the fight, occasionaly trying to see if he could move entirely yet. By the time he was finished with the story, he could get to his feet and move some.

          "Excuse me for a moment, I need to check somthing"

          Tempist got to his feet, and slowly started to shift. His body liquified almost completely, but it now had a dark blue tint to the metalic liquid. Tempist shifted into a few simple forms, a few small animals and a human before shifting back to his faovrite form. In each of these forms, there was a bubble of energy that he couldn't remove, somthing within himself wouldn't let him.

          "Hmm..... his weapon was a bit more powerful than I thought...." he mumbled to himself.

          "Sorry about that, just wanted to make sure that I'm not too badly altered" the hint of a laugh was there agian, as if attempting to reassure her of the minor change.


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            :: Dara nodded ::

            "Well I sure hope you left them in worse shape than.. you seem"

            :: Her words trailed off as she saw his near liquid form and then a series of other forms, not something she was accustomed to seeing. She cleared her throat and continued ::

            "Uh exactly what kind of weapon was used on you to make you.. that way?"


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              "He was using some kind of energy sythe. The blade alone was energy, the polearm attached to it was ordinary steel I think. I think it was cursed, since he seemed very disapointed and then stunned, like somthing was talking to him. Either way, the curse is mine to deal with now."


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                "The curse contained in the energy scythe makes you change shapes now?"

                :: Perhaps there was something about tempistopps that Dara did not know since they hadn't really spoken that often at the Empire before now. She looked upon him and studied his features ::


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                  Tempist laughed lightly at this remark.

                  "No, that is somthing that runs in the family. The energy blade removed a great deal of my cellular tissue, and replaced it with itself. The organ that it was at the time was my spinal chord. Now that energy is going to be within me in any form I chose. If I were to shift differently, then I may be able to concentrate the energy into somthing more..."

                  He would have to play with that idea a bit later on.