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How I missed this place...

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  • How I missed this place...

    *Bi0 walked the queit halls of the SE HQ. To his left, the large oval windows were opened, and the vast vertical curtains danced at the winds touch. And outside the windows, revealed a dark night littered with stars*

    (Spend much of my time near these oval windows...and let the sound of the wind give my mind a clear tranqulity so I can hear what my midaclorians have to say).

    *Bi0 had spend many a month at his Master's home and retreat. However, upon the advice of her, he return to the Organization that had first offered him a chance at power and skill*

    (Had some nice times here...talked to some friends in the halls with me)

    *Bi0 headed to his old room...he wonder how it had faired during his absence*

    (No doupt everythings covered in dust...might have to do some cleaning up...maybe get the clean up bots to do it for me. I'm not exactly in the mood for such small tasks)

    *With the oval window's curtains still dancing with the wind, Bi0 continued his walk to his room...the first step followed by the sound of a Staff hitting the floor and ending with a second step...and the process continued*

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    :: Sensing a familiar force signature from her quarters, Dara smiled and made her way to the location of the aura. Knocking on the door three times, she waited quietly outside in the hall ::


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      *Just before Bi0 heard the knock, he was rubbing his eyes inside of his room from the dust in his eyes. When he opened the door, what gretted him was a empty and silent room full of dust*

      (Should I be surprised? Nope...)

      *Back to the now, Bi0 heard three knocks on his door*

      (Odd...I just got here and someone is at my door?)

      *Bi0 did find it odd and closed his eyes to see the situation more clearer. His eyes suddenly shot open as he rushed toward the door, only to trip and fall into a pile of dust*

      (Damn it...)

      *Bi0 dusted himself off alittle but forgot to clear the dust from his hat. As he opened the door, he smiled as he saw both his best friend and master*

      (How embrassing that she should she me in this dusty manner...but, what can I do? Tell her to come back later?)

      "Hello Master Shadowtide...I'm rather surprised that you knew I had come back...does word of my return spread so quickly that I couldn't see it with my own eyes?"


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        :: She raises an eyebrow and then smiles ::

        "I was aware of your entrance to the headquarters as soon as you returned from your personal journey, my apprentice. But I wanted to give you just a little time to settle in before I paid my visit to welcome you back to the Empire."

        :: Nodding to Bi0 she looks just inside his dwelling ::

        "It is good to have you back. I take it you are finding everything as it was before you left?"


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          OOC: Wow Dara, was time zone are u in???


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            A newly invented time zone.. the Insomniac zone. <img src= ALT=":b"> <img src= ALT=":lol">


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              "Thank you Master Shadowtide...however, I didn't use that time enough to clean my room...".

              *Looks back at his dusty room*

              "It requires no help, only time and pateince...of course, I can always open a window and blow the dust out".

              *Looks back at Dara*

              "But, everything has remained intact...".


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                :: She smiles ::

                "Well, hopefully you won't have to do that. There are some impressive cleaning droids that could come in and get you all fixed up rather quickly. I am glad to hear all is as you left it though."

                :: Dara looks back at him ::

                "However, I see you are busy, so I can come back later if you like.."


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                  *Rubs his hat*

                  "Actally, I think I'll consider the help of those droids...while their cleaning my room, prehaps I can have free time to walk the courtyard...actally, I've forgotten where the courtyard is...I don't even know if it was removed...would it be ok if you can show me Master Shadowtide? Considering your one of the High Council, your part of the team that determines the future of the Sith Empire".


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                    :: Dara smiled ::

                    "Sure, Bi0. I will send over the cleaning droids that I use at my quarters. They are remarkably fast and very efficient."

                    :: She gestured to the hallway just outside his room ::

                    "I can show you the courtyard, my apprentice. It has been some time since I have just taken a walk around the compound. Shall we?"


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                      "Then by all means, lead the way Master Shadowtide..."

                      *Before he walks along side her..*

                      "Oh, and thank you for offering your help Master Shadowtide...I hope this won't happen again.."


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                        :: Dara led them down a series of corridors which opened up into a quiet courtyard setting. It looked like an ideal place to meditate upon the Dark Side. Dara turned to face Bi0 ::

                        "Here we are. I had almost forgotten about this place myself. Oh and no worries about the cleaning droids. I still use them now with my busy schedule and all, so it's no trouble to send them over to your place for a while."


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                          *Bi0 surveyed the courtyard. It was indeed a good place to calm ones mind*

                          (Prehaps if they put in a fountain it would make one more in touch with their inner thoughts...)

                          *Contining his survey, Bi0 walked out alittle ahead of his Master. The quietness of the courtyard was an amazing atmosphere for Bi0, considering he rarely talked outside of the Sith Empire and it's allies*

                          (I've have to ask the Council to put in a fountain if they can....I suppose I could ask Master Shadowtide but she has enough on her mind...)

                          *Turning his head at an angle and looked in the corner of his eye at his Master*

                          "Master Shadowtide, is it always this quiet? Not that I'm complaning about it..."