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Seek'n his room.....

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  • Seek'n his room.....

    :: Jared entered the dormatory, looking for his own room. A black duffle on his back. Looking down the halls, his face contorted in confustion. He then went down one of the halls, looking back and forth across the rooms...::

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    :: Walking down the hallway with a holopad in each hand and multitasking as she typically did, Sith Lordess Dara Shadowtide Rayial almost bumped into a new Disciple as she rounded the corner. Looking up with a smile she spoke quietly ::

    "Oh.. hello there. Have you settled into a room yet?"


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      "No Ma'm. I havent yet" :: He replied with a slight bow, standing back up, he spoke again. :: "Seems most of these rooms down this corridor are occupied," :: he spoke mostly to himself...:


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        :: Dara looks down the hall past him and then nods ::

        "Yes, this section usually fills quickly. Have you tried the other side of the compound yet? I can show you the way if you want.."


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          "No, I havent yet checked the other sections yet" ::he looked behind him, then resumed with a smile :: " It would be my honour if you would in fact show me "


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            :: Dara smiles and nods and then places her holopads in her satchel, gesturing for him to accompany her. As they walk down the long hallway past the holopaintings of past leaders of TSE and various archaic Sith artifacts, she decides to see how his time in the Empire is faring so far since the walk will take them a while ::

            "How is your training going?"

            :: She leads them through a series of twists and turns as they walk down what seems to be abandoned areas of HQ ::


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              "Pretty Good. Mster Snack is a great instructor.." :: He said, sticking his hands in his pockets and fiddling around with loose change he had. While the whole time trying to remember where to turn and whatnot inorder to get back to his room if he were to leave, and examined the many paintings in their walk...::


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                :: Dara smiled and nodded ::

                "That's good to hear. There are many talented and powerful Masters instructing the ways of the Dark Side here at the Empire."

                :: She glanced at him as they continued to wind in and out of passageways and then grinned ::

                "Don't worry. Once we get to the section I am taking you to, I will show you a more direct path. Have you had a chance to meet many other members of the Empire?"

                :: A chilling gust of wind erupted from no where as they passed by the hall of the Sith Masters dwellings ::


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                  "Yeah, Havent really got a chance to sit and chat.. more of the hit and run kind of chatting..." :: He replied, remembering the little trip through the 'Underground' a few days back with Chaos and Yurza::


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                    :: They continued down the long halls and the breeze subsided as they made their way into the next section of the compound. Dara turned to Jared as they walked ::

                    "Hit and run chatting? I'm not sure I have heard of that."

                    :: She smiled ::


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                      "Hm, its pretty much saying hi how ya doing, oops gotta go." :: Jared grined lopsidly. :: " I prefer not to do it much. Only when I have something important to do. "


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                        :: Dara shakes her head in understanding ::

                        "Ah I see. Well if you get the chance, Rama's Corner is a rather interesting place to meet people and have a few drinks. The service droids respond quickly too, of course if they didn't, they would probably meet an early demise in the junkyard."

                        :: The Lordess smiles once again as the light flickers above them in the already dimly lit hallway ::


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                          "Sounds like a good thing to do after I become situated in my quarters. Say, do ya think I could somehow get a workshop around the outside area of this place or would that be to much of an hassle with the Council?" :: Jared asked, thinking about his ship and it's cargo, a mechanical unit named Liger, as the lights above flashed. [Havent worked on the darn thing in months, wonder if it still operates with that damaged powercell] he thought to himself, closing his eyes for a second....::


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                            :: Dara pauses in thought ::

                            "Hm, do you mean a workshop outside of the compound itself? Or outside your quarters.. or what exactly?"


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                              "Most likely outside the compound. I wouldn't want to have a mess inside the compound if one of the mech's i construct decides to go critical and explode." :: Jared sighed, the continued. :: "It is not a very pretty sight when a Mech goes. It can distroy a starhopper easyly..."