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When it hurts too much.

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  • When it hurts too much.

    Galatea stopped right in front of the med bay, drops of rain rolling down her tired face. She stood up, and pulled Dalton in, giving him away to the droids. Leaning back exhausted against a wall, she watched the droids examinating her uncle. A tear mixed up with her face wet of rain. She bit her lower lip, hoping that everything would be alright.

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    Dalton honestly wasn't much for strange receptions, especially ones where the greeting crew was a bunch of rather hastey bots. He watched rather confused in his dazed, occasionally growling towards the droids, an edge of scorn at his teeth. He hissed a few times, despite his state, blurred vision leaving him at a handicap as one of the mechanical nurses took the time to sedate him.

    Within a moment his body fell limb, droplets of rain seeping from his mane and clothing, eyes hesitant to shut. A warm retention tug at his muscles, leaving him unable to move or speak, only watch the ceiling as it passed by.




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      Daltons pain had not gone unnoticed to Vega. From the very moment in the bar when he had first experienced the sensation Vega had been nagged at by his Force enhanced senses. After taking some time to allow the occurance to just be a chance event, Vega eventually gave into the fact that something was wrong and had roused himself to visit the Disciple in the medbay.

      Stepping into the room, he approached the metallic bed, glancing over his shoulder at the woman in the room before looking back down to his Apprentice.

      What happened to him?


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        Watching as the man went in and looked down on her uncle, Galatea immediately recognized him. Father ... But she prefered staying silent about that.

        What happened to him ?

        I don't know ... He was like this when I found him.She mumbled.


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          It was amazing how so quickly his own mind had ushered him back into the deep recesses of his past, leaving him sub-concious. His vision, even in a world of dreams was blurred entirely, his thoughts flashing from one even toward the next, and so forth.

          His body outside the thoughts remained still during 'treatment,' his head occassionally leaning over to the opposite side, murmuring and groaning uncouthly.

          "Where's Dalton gone to?"

          "Dalton, Hon, Gitane will be fine..."

          "So you're a rookie thief, Kiddo'...? I guess I can show you the ropes, I think you got potential..."

          "They're raiding the place, Dally, hit the gas!"

          "Run, damn it! Run, Kiddo'!"

          "It's only a matter of moments till' the cops come at us, Dally..."

          "You've turned over a new leaf and changed? Dalton, you wouldn't have changed if you turned a damn tree around!"

          "For my sister..."

          "Though he hides under the eves of houses, he shall still get wet, for rain is as fate: Bound to hit at least the smallest drop on you."


          "Force sorcery?"

          "Like the steam risen from the treacherous battles of water and fire..."

          It all cascaded through his eyes too quickly. Everything, everyone...

          "...You've been blessed with some children, Vega..."

          "...Galatea misses her uncle a lot..."

          "Uncle Dalton!"

          "La muerta de negra... La estrellas eres negra... La agua es raja.... Mirar me ni os... Muerta me ni os... Vivir me ni os de la noche."

          Dalton stirred in his unwilling slumber. Beads of perspiration mingling with the droplets of rain around his forehead, chest, and palms.


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            Galatea listened to her heart starting to race incredibly fast. She started breathing heavily, sliding down on the wall, hugging her knees against her chest, resting her face in them. She was scared. Scared of what might happen to her uncle ... Maybe her travel changed the past.

            "You can't die now ..."


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              Gentle pleas and whimpers left him in shambles, thoughts broken, muscles torn between sides drawn with but a thin edge of a rock. His soul was twisted left and right through the borders of life and death with tight grips on each wrist, being ceased on each side.

              What caused this pain was a still a mystery, but whatever it was seemed completely psychological. However his body had remained seemingly intact, despite his arching back and balled fists. His temperature had not lifted a degree, though his pulsed raced. His mental activity had only seemed little, hidden through blankets of feinted litany.

              When you feel pain, I feel...

              "-Pain..." he uttered through clenched teeth, breathing more rapidly. "...L-Let go.... of me...."

              His eyes struggled to open, adreniline counter-acting the permiating sedative.

              "Let my pas-...-Past, be stripped from my con... Consicousness... .... Help me..."


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                A stiffled growl rumble upwards through Vega's throat as he pushed past the woman to look down at the agonized Dalton.

                What happened to him? he rasped, looking to her with a snarl, Why is he like this? Did you do it?


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                  ... No ! I'd never do anything to harm him !

                  Galatea glared at the man, who was supposed to be her own father. Even though she knew that he had no idea who she was, she felt like bursting of rage, telling him what she always wanted to say. Unfortunately, in her time, he was already murdered and yelling at his grave didn't help her.


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                    After a few moments of the extreme convulsions his body fell limp, regaining a barely living status as a few machines beeped and buzzed as they read what signs of life he had left in him. It was too difficult to tell whether he was awake or not, his eyes boaring into the ceiling above, few draped locks of his mahogony hair laced over his cheeks. A murmur or two would escape him now, gentle twitches of his tails indicating a tranquil within...

                    You choose...

                    "Life...?" He muttered softly to himself, eyes glazed over with a cloudy, gray substance. "Yes... li-....-fe..."

                    Tis as thou hath sayeth, Dalton... When she doseth feel pain, so shall thee.

                    He'd wince occasionally to the droids prodding his body and studying with certain items, glancing at the corner of his eye to see the strange pair in the corner. The glass retina of his eye was too hazed by the misty glazing, his blinks empty and slowed with wonder. He tilted his head some,

                    "Brother... whom is she...?"

                    He looked toward the strange woman, finding her vaguely familiar, violet-tinged hair interesting.


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                      Hearing Dalton speak calmed his anger somewhat, it made him feel less adverse towards the woman who had - assumably - brought his brother in here.

                      I posses no such knowledge, Dalton. For all I know she could be one of the Jedi.

                      His eyes darted to the young woman accusingly.


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                        Galatea felt humiliated, but kept it inside. She simply looked down as Vega's gaze fell on her and stayed silent. If only she could tell him who she really is ... If only he could understand. She looked back at her 'father' and still saw the anger in his eyes. She looked back down and turned around.


                        The voice activated motorcycle turned on its engines and rolled towards her slowly.

                        Let's go ...


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                          His hand shot out quickly to grab her shoulder.

                          I don't think you'll be going anywhere, Miss.

                          An emotionless look covered his face - he wanted to know what she had done to Dalton, why she was here, and most of all whether she was of the Jedi or of the Sith.


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                            Dalton coughed some, looking still weary, watching Vega grasp the woman's shoulder, he seemed to smirk a little as his head drew back against the bed, droids still murmuring diagonostics here and there.

                            "She didn't do nothing bro, leave the lady alone..."

                            He blinked, his head turning from side to side slowly, tails flinching with a hint of life. The cloudiness in his eyes was still pale gray.

                            "Would a Jedi even care about me being... A Sith?"

                            He murmured a few things to himself before piping up again..

                            "Besides, she doesn't seem to be with the stench of Jedi flith either way..."


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                              Galatea pushed Vega's hand back angrily, but she calmed down as she heard the answers of her uncle. She turned around to face her father and looked at him, determined.

                              I am not a Jedi. I ... My name is Galatea Van Derveld. Meaning ...

                              She pointed at Dalton gently.

                              His niece and ... your daughter.