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  • Looking back...(Open)

    The skies were clear, the sun shined brightly in the window of Daegal’s in the headquarters of TSE. Reflecting back, Daegal thought of how far he had come since he first began his training in the woods with Lord Sumor. He reflected back upon the major events that had happened since his arrival at the Empire.

    A cool breeze swept through the open door to his balcony, causing a dark smile to manifest upon his lips. So much had happened…the mission at Garqi, training with Lordess Dara, the simulator program of Pharaoh.

    Later, his spar with BladeIce, his simulator program versus Jocelyn that later resulted in his promotion to Warrior. His later spars with Darkmyk and Xavier Sadow.

    So much had happened…

    Daegal was quickly jolted back to reality as someone knocked at his door. Always aware of any danger, Daegal flipped backwards over his bed and drew his new Sith Dagger, a gift from his master.

    He opened the door slightly and inquired as to who it was.

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    ::Yurza walked into the room. He had just gotten back frm the training grounds and he had decided he would visit some people and become more social::

    "Hello Daegal. How are you this fine evening."


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      "Yurza! How nice of you to visit! I am doing just fine. Reflecting back on the happenings since my arrival at the Empire. How are you doing this day? The darkness is flowing through you as always, I assume?"


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        "I am doing fine. I just got back from some self-training and yes the darkness is ever present....ah remenising I see....yes I used to do that and still do. In fact it is something I incorperate into my training, but anyways..what kinda things are you thinking about?"


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          "Thing that have happened since my arrival at the Empire...The Garqi mission, training under both of my Masters."

          Sighing, Daegal made a weak attempt at a smile. "But, I guess looking back is for the weak, right?"


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            "Not at all....looking back could be very good indeed. It just depends on what you are lookig back on. Like what you are thinking about could be good because you could review your skills as well as the skills of others."