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  • Analysis...

    *A lone figure sat at a computer screen studying the readouts of various things that happened to him a few months back. He clutches his metal arm, still not really knowing what to make of what happened. Of the battle with The Black Hand, he remembered well, but the operation after that which made him a cyborg conserned him. It had brought up memories that he had never known. Were they real, just something he had forgotten. He thought that his past was forgotten in an accident, one that sent him years away from everything he had known. But now, he was not so sure. The lone figure lets out a sigh of regret as he turns off the computer. A few seconds later his fathful droid K9 approches him.*

    K9: <font color=blue> Sir, the projects are going well, and the first one will be completed in a few days...
    *K9 notices the program the computer screen was running was the recording of the procedure that gave Lord Firebird his right arm and eye.* Sir, why are you running that? If you wanted a complete analysis of that time, I could of ran that program much faster and given you... [/i]</font>

    *With that Lord Firebird smashes his right hand through the computer screen. The screen cracks, and displays static, jetting from the gaping hole in it. A few seconds later the screen goes blank and the only light in the room is from Firebird's right eye.*

    Firebird: I do not need your help, I wish to uncover who I am alone. Before I can go after any of my enemies, I must know exactly who and what I am. I can't do that if you tell me about it. And since my brother is on a misson of sorts, I can't ask him yet.

    K9:<font color=blue>*Stunned, K9 steps back for a second and then looks at his owner.*
    I understand sir, do you require me to do anything for you at this time. K9 watches Lord Firebird shake his head no and with that K9 leaves the room. After the door closes, he seems to freeze for a moment, and then he resumes his task. In the Council chambers, a small light goes off. If anyone was looking at it, it displayed a message that might be of someones intrust. The display reads that somekind of garbled message had been sent from TSE's HQ to somewhere. It was a unidirectional broadcast, long range, and yet encripted like none the computer had seen before.</font>

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    ::"Stupid, utterly stupid" Jamie thought to himself as he walked the halls. He had recieved K9's transmission, and since it was only the reason that brought him here. He had thought that this busness would be overwith, but after all this mockery was hardly his clients style.

    He walked into the computer room, and saw a Sith Lord groping over a computer screen, looking like a little lost puppy waiting for his owner comming to clame him from the pound. Unfortunally what he was viewing on the computer was an ungoddly horror of that Sith Lord's operation that gave him back his arm and eye.::

    Jamie: Well, well, well Look what the cat has brought in!


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      *Firebird turned around startled by this voice.*
      Indeed, it seems your more resourceful then I had thought possible, so tell me how did you follow me down here?
      And perhaps more importantly did you bring what I asked?

      *Lord Firebird turns back to the screen, once again mesmerized by his operation.*
      You know I look at this and I can't help to wonder how I was able to see my memories while this was happening. I was basicaly watching a scene from my childhood. It was real, and I can't remember it now.
      *Lord Firebird then turns back to Jamie.*
      Please can you help me??


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        ::Jamie looks at a child like eye in Firebird's head. He gives Firebird a love tap on his shoulder and turns the monitor off.::

        No, I will not. You see, you have been sitting here watching your most devestating moment and looking for answers. I have none to give to you because of that. You have not yet even done anything to get back at the ones who did this to you. Instead you allow them to win despite what they took from you. And they took more then your arm and eye, they took your pride. And without that your useless to everyone, even yourself.
        ::Jamie then takes out a small box from his coat.::
        Here is everything you need, blueprints of The Falling Star, yadda, yadda, yadda..except ofcourse the memories. And they are not in there because you don't need them. You might as well forget who you are now.
        ::Jamie then removes a slightly larger box from his jacket, one that looks like it has been aged by both sweat and time.::
        And since I'm giving out presents, you can have whats yours by blood. After all we are brothers...

        ::Firebird looks shocked and then afraid. But Jamie stays resolute and angry.::
        Yeah, and don't call me MLurker any more, because I am now Jamie Throwe, I have a life far from here. And don't think that I will be back. I've got things waiting for me that you wouldn't understand. Some of your fellows might, but you won't. You know I wish I could go back to the past, and find a way to do this sooner...


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          *Lord Firebird takes the two packages, not sure what to make of it. He also looks at his younger brother, shocked and mad and saddened all at the same time.*

          Why? The first package I asked for, this other one I did not. Why would you do this to me? I gave this other package to you because you wanted to keep it safe, out of harms way. And now you give it to me, and cut me off from yourself. Some brother you turned out to be...


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            *Lord Firebird watched as his brother Jamie left the room.*
            Jamie: You know what you have to do, you just can't bring yourself to do it. And don't worry, I can find my own way out.
            *Jamie leaves and the door closes, only the glow from the turned off monitor permaites the room. It's glow is only peirced by Firebird's eye, which glows. In the end he slowly opened the packages...*

            To Be finished later