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Time to Find his room.

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  • Time to Find his room.

    Looking around the halls and corridors, as the droids lead him the quarters he has be specified. Seeing various people walking by, he offers slight, almost unnoticable nods.. Which weren't actually noticed by many.

    He stops at the room, in which the droids enter. He looks around slowly, before hesitantly stepping in. He nods to himself, seeing as how the room is more then what he qould have expected. He slowly walks over to a small bed, and sits on it.

    He looks at the droids, and indicates the door. The droids quickly scurrie out, as the door slides shut behind them.

    He lays back on the small bed, as he stares at the ceiling above him. He blinks a few times, then rolls from the bed. Planting his feet on the ground, he uses his momentum, to propel himself in a fast walk.

    He stands in the middle looking around. He does nothing really... Besides waiting for his new master, Dyne, to send word to him.

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    Adonis turns and begins to pace around his room. His eyes flashing slightly through bordom. He walks to his door, as they slide open with a mechanical hiss. He pokes his head out, and looks each way, before fully stepping out.

    As soon as Adonis exits, the doors slide closed again. He looks about, once more, then tirns to his left. Taking the first step forward, he then begins to explore his new surroundings.