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A Long Morning.

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  • A Long Morning.

    3:04 am

    Jared woke slowly to the sound of the old bronze alarm clock posted next to his bed. He blinked his eyes a few times and hit the snooze button on the clock, slowly getting up Jared yawned wide. Shrugging out of the bed he began to dress, pulling on black pants and a white short sleeved shirt. A few minutes later, Jared picked up a slice of bread and quickly made it into toast with some help from the toaster. With the toast stuck firmly in between his teeth, Jared shrugged on his heavy black cloth training poncho and exited his room within the Sith Empire’s headquarters, munching on breakfast.

    3:45 am

    Jared had made his way through the maze of hallways in the dormitory of the Sith Empire. He had finished the piece of toast long ago and was now walking deep into the woods surrounding the Dorms. A few minutes later, he treaded into the Training Grounds, but today he was not here to train. No, he was here to test the new prototype Battle Mech Nova. Making his way to the makeshift shop, which he had built with the help of the Ragnarok. The ship itself made up half the workshop, while the rest was made of different slabs of concrete to stop any shrapnel from flying too far. Nova stood silently in the cargo bay of the Ragnarok, its cold metal shell showing no signs of life. Massive in size, the Nova stood about 10.5 meters tall. With a span of 3 meters across, two large rocket boxes topped the shoulders of the Mech. Arms extended down to connect to two large cannons, each about the size of Jared. Its legs, which Jared came up to its ‘ankle’, were built like a bird’s legs. Walking up to the Mech, Jared placed his hands on his hips and congratulated himself for a nice piece of equipment. Although it wouldn’t stand much against a trained Sith Master or the like, it was great for the battlefield.

    Climbing into the cockpit, Jared flipped on the main generator, Smiling as a rumble and jerk shook the Mech.

    Battle Mech Number 428762 Ready for Ignition. Please stand by while Program Checks are active….

    The Mech flashed across the HUD. Jared sat back as the system checks were being completed.

    Program Checks: Complete.
    Battle Mech Program: Engaged.
    Movement Locks: Disengaged.
    Battle Mech Nova, Ready for Activation

    Jared flipped a switch, and the Mech responded with a slight beep. Grasping the control joysticks, Jared pressed down on one of the pedals that controlled the leg movement. The right leg picked up and turned, Jared did the same for the left leg, and the Mech moved the other leg. Now he faced the open cargo bay and piloted the mech out, using slow presses and depresses on the pedals of the mech. Once he was out of the cargo bay, he turned toward the targets he had set up a few days past: Three outdated and out of order Battle Mechs. Jared had removed all the parts that could be used to refit any other of the constructed Mechs prior to the test flight.

    “Activate Combat Mode.” Jared spoke out into the cockpit and immediately got a beeping response:

    Combat Program Engaged:
    Artillery available for use;

    Ultra Auto Cannon 20 – 200 Rounds.
    Bombast Laser – Fully charged
    Clan Machine Gun Array – 2000 Rounds.
    Clan long-range Missile 20 – 100 rounds.
    Large Pulse Laser – Recharged Thunderbolt Missile – 30 Rounds.

    Jared grinned broadly, nice selection he thought to himself, arming the missiles. A little round scope appeared on his HUD display, which Jared moved with the control stick till it locked onto the first mech. A beeping sound emitted for a few seconds before a high pitched buzz took its place signaling that the missiles had locked onto the target. Pressing the fire button on the control stick, Jared watched as two volleys of 20 long-range missiles launched from the containers on the shoulders. He heard the missiles recycle immediately as soon as the newly launched ones ripped into the target...

    5:34 am

    All of the targets had been reduced to scrap metal, A few techincal problems here and there, which Jared took care of immeadately.

    The Nova ran perfect during a Combat simulation, but there was still the terrain test to complete. Jared piolted the mech out of the shooting range and headed across the training feild at 58 kilometers an hour. The Mech's chasis jumped up and down with each step, but it wasn't that bad. Nva ran good on the Grass course. On the dirt feild, Jared had to filter some debris from the engin prior to the concrete cource. On the concrete course, Jared noticed a bit of difficulty turning on it, but not much. Rough Course was absolutely difficult to move on the hard, broken serfaces. At the moment, Jared couldnt do a snow course, but he went for the thick underbrush which weilded no impact performance change. The thicker forest around proved impassable for the mech of its size. Mid water hindered the movement speed by 50%, but did a wonder on the heat sinks. Thick swamp reduced the speed of the mech overall but not much of a problem.

    Jared piolted the mech back to the Ragnarok for a cleanup, Looking down at his watch which flashed 7:40am. About now the other Siths would be milling about, If not already. Jared still had to wash the debris from the Nova mech. Then he could probally hit the sack for a nother hour before coming back if Master Snack did'nt call on him..

    8:54 am

    Nova had been washed and reeuipped for the next time Jared took it out for a run. After cleaning off the muck and debris, Jared had fixed any techincal problems from the course and added in the MASC system, which would improve the speed by at least 25%. He now walked back to the dormatory, were he would clean himself up a bit before taking a short cat nap.

    10:45 AM

    Cleaned and rested, Jared now wore a light training suit. Infront of him stood a worn statue of another person. Jared went into a defencive position then came around with a back roundhouse kick to the head to the statue. The kick contacted with the cold stone of the statue and shattered the head into millons of smaller peices.