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Am I being forgotten?

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  • Am I being forgotten?

    *Bi0 sat at his desk in the low light of his lamp. His room had been cleaned out recently by his Master's droids, giving his room the luster from long ago. But, Bi0 wasn't in a happy state*

    (This atmosphere isn't helping at the moment...)

    *Taking his holopad and pen with him, Bi0 steps out of his room and heads down the halls of HQ. After a 5 minute walk, Bi0 found himself at the courtyard that his Master showed him. Sitting down on a bench, Bi0 begins writing in his holopad*

    I refuse to leave a date in this entry...for those who should stumble on this one day.
    I feel I am losing my touch. My activeness in The SE has returned to normal standard but I feel it's not enough. Most of my fellow Sith who share the same Master have all ascended to Sith Knights...A clear sign that they are ready for anything. Having been a Sith Warrior close to a year, I feel I haven't been putting near enough effort into my own talents. Recent visits to Rama's and the Training Ground won't amount to is clear that I have to show I'm cabable of holding the name of Bi0 Hazzard. And to prove I can earn the title of Sith Knight...I know I can touch that title one day...

    *Bi0 pauses a moment to look around the courtyard then back at his writing*

    ...SWFANS might prove to be the key but in my lacking condition, I will only be walking into Death's arms. Because of this, I will have to pay a visit to The Sim for proof I am's not the only reason. I want to be regonized for my talents. Not in a way of praise or respect, but to show this galaxy that a Fighter by the name of Bi0 does exist and can at least can be seen as a worthy challenge. Anyway, it is time to end this writing. I can only hope my secret goal remains hidden for the time being. I know not what Master Shadowtide will think. But I still maintain my loyalty and devotion to her. I'm just not open with her...

    *Bi0 looks up at the open sunroof of the courtyard to see a stary sky. He looks down again and writes one last notice*

    NOTICE- Should a become a Sith Knight, I must remember to ask Eve for a spar...forget Dyne and Vega....I'll be dead at their hands <_<...

    *Bi0 attaches his holopen to his holopad and saves it before shutting it down*

    (So first goal, get to The Sim and enhance skills...then we'll see if I'm still prepared for SWFANS...)

    *Getting up off the bench, Bi0 heads back to his room and walks off to The Sim*

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    Trying to find her little niece who ran away to play hide and seek, Eve sighed as she walked through the halls of the HQ.

    "Galatea ! It's getting late, come out now !"

    Then she bumped a man. She looked up and noticed that it was Bi0. Embarassed, she ran her hand through her hair, looking to the side.

    "Oh, sorry, Bi0 ..."


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      "It's quite alright really...not that I would of gotten knocked over anyway".

      *Notices Eve's concerned look*

      "You looking for someone by chance?"


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        Eve nodded as she sighed. Babysitting is so hard ...

        "... Yeah ... Galatea. Vega's little girl."


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          *Bi0 looks back in the direction he came from and then back at Eve*

          "You know, I was in the courtyard before I started walking back and thought I heard some rustling somewhere in the courtyard...I passed it off as some critter that snuck in but from the shadow, it look rather big for a critter...prehaps she might be there..."

          *Bi0 didn't mention what he was actally doing but Eve didn't really need to know*


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            Eve smiled and nodded, heading into that direction.

            "Thanks, Bi0 !" She yelled out as she left.


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              *Watches Eve run to the courtyard and shakes his head*

              (Sometimes silly, sometimes hardcore...oi)

              *Bi0 looks forward and begins walking to The Sim once again*


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                Am I being forgotten?

                Dyne was heading down the hallway, not looking ahead of him as his mind was cluttered with random thoughts. He was looking towards the ground, trying to get all his thoughts arranged into a better form. Right as he looked ahead of him, he saw Bio heading down the hallway as well. It seemed he was heading for The Sim, Dyne nodded to him. Approaching his friend, they both stopped for a moment.

                "Hello Bio, where are you headed?"


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                  *At this point, Bi0 was starting to wander if this was Fate's way of slapping him in the face with the Sith Knight title*

                  (Sheesh, why do I keep bumbing into the knights?)

                  *Not wanting to be rude, Bi0 reasonded to Dyne's question*

                  "Me? Going to The Sim...I hear it's running slow at the moment. Hopefully it can be fixed so it can run at proper speed. And you?"


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                    Dyne nodded slightly, having been at The Sim just a bit earlier.

                    "I was just there, it seems to be fine now."

                    He turns and looks down the hallway for a second then back at BiO.

                    "Now im heading back to my room to get some rest."


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                      "OK, you do that Dyne....oh, I also saw Eve a short while ago...she might be down the hallway I was walking from".

                      *Points behind him*